CBSE Syllabus 2023-24 | CBSE Curriculum for class 1 to 12 (PDF)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the syllabus for classes 9 to 12 for the academic session 2023-24. This is a significant development for students and teachers who can now plan their studies and teaching accordingly. The syllabus has been released for all the subjects taught in CBSE schools, and the information is available in the form of PDF files. In this article, we aim to resolve all the queries of the CBSE students of classes 1 to 12 concerning the CBSE Syllabus 2023-24.

What does the CBSE Syllabus 2023-24 include?

CBSE Syllabus released by the Central Board of Secondary Education annually includes the topics and the sub-topics that each class needs to cover. It specifies each chapter and the related topics that the students need to be taught in an academic year. To help the teachers, CBSE Syllabus mostly specifies the number of lectures each chapter must take so that the course is completed on time and the students can revise thereon.

Apart from the theoretical subjects, the curriculum also includes the topics to be covered in the practical subjects. Adequate preparation for a CBSE exam can help you crack multiple exams, especially the entrance examinations that have their syllabus based on it.

Why should you check the CBSE Curriculum 2023-24?

It is essential for the students (especially classes 10th and 12th) to stay updated with their latest CBSE Curriculum as the board papers follow the same curriculum. Preparing more than what is mentioned in the CBSE Curriculum 2023-24 can cost students time whereas preparing less can cost them marks. Make sure you work hard and prepare smartly. It is vital to help you plan and organize your study sessions accordingly. The revised curriculum allows the students to focus on crucial topics and also be aware of the weightage of each chapter in their course.

What is the objective of the CBSE Curriculum?

The annual CBSE curriculum has certain objectives that are mentioned below

  1. To guide the students in their preparation
  2. Make sure that the students are fit and healthy physically
  3. To inculcate cultural values among the students via the curriculum
  4. Students can set their own goals, and gain application-based knowledge and information
  5. To help students enhance their potential.

CBSE Syllabus 2023-24 for class 1 to 12

For the convenience of the students of class 1 to 12, we have provided the CBSE Syllabus 2023-24 for all the subjects like language subjects, compulsory subjects, and skill subjects as well. here you will get the links to check the complete syllabus of any particular class and also links to subject wise syllabus for some of the frequently checked subjects. At the end of the syllabus, a link is provided to download the syllabus PDF.

We have not only discussed the CBSE Syllabus 2023-24 of all the classes separately but have also given you some tips for preparation.

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus

Class 12th is the most crucial year for the students. It is the board year and its important for the students to know their syllabus well. The CBSE often slashes out a few sub topics or may add a few and thus being updated with it holds a lot of significance for the final examination.

We have covered all the subjects of class 12th and the students can access the syllabus of each of their subject by clicking on the given link.

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The students may take out a print out and keep a track of all the topics that have been covered, the topics that are yet to be and the topics that shall require greater attention. The syllabus of the practical subjects is also covered for further ease of the students.

Check Syllabus for all subjects of class 12th CBSE Class 12 Syllabus

CBSE Class 11 Syllabus

When teachers say that the level of this class is different from all the previous ones, they are right. But don’t worry, there is no pressure that cannot be reduced by staying consistent. It is the key to score well and manage your studies well with your co curriculars. Besides attending your classes regularly, it is essential that you take out time for self-studies.

Students often get anxious over the syllabus and are confused over where to begin and how to prepare. The unit tests conducted in schools often confuse students as not only the level of questions go a notch above but the marking of those questions become a little difficult too.

The students are advised to be well aware of the syllabus and their weightage in the examination. The syllabus must be followed properly and the topics should be studied and practiced well with regular tests. Proper self-study and understanding of the concepts can help the students immensely.

Few students enrol themselves for classes for preparation of professional courses and competitive exams. Consequently, distinguishing the syllabus and aligning your preparation with it plays a major role.

Check Syllabus for all subjects of class 11thCBSE Class 11 Syllabus

Syllabus for frequently checked subjects:

CBSE Class 11 English Elective SyllabusCBSE Class 11 English Core Syllabus
CBSE Class 11 Hindi Elective SyllabusCBSE Class 11 Hindi Core Syllabus
CBSE Class 11 Mathematics SyllabusCBSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus
CBSE Class 11 Chemistry SyllabusCBSE Class 11 Physics Syllabus

CBSE Class 10 Syllabus

Class 10 is the first board class that the students appear for. The students are usually stressed out and initially, spend most of their time in the research of how to prepare or more specifically, how to begin the process.

To help the students, the first step towards preparation is being well-aware of the syllabus. Not only the chapters but also their topics and subtopics. Seldom, the board cuts off a few irrelevant sub topics which may take up the time of the students unnecessarily if they are not acquainted with it.

Attending regular classes is of equal essence so that students can complete their syllabus on time. It will also give them ample time for revision as well. Practicing using the Past 10 Years and the sample papers released by CBSE can prove to be quite beneficial.

You can click on the given links of the subject to know their syllabus.

Check Syllabus for all subjects of class 10thCBSE Class 10 Syllabus

CBSE Class 9 Syllabus

Class 9th is a sudden shift from the lower classes and the students are asked more not only in terms of maturity but also with respect to the preparation and how seriously they take it. There are a few students who sign up for the classes of competitive exams quite early i.e in class 9th and hence managing the school-studies simultaneously can be a strenuous task.

The class focuses on creative and smart learning instead of spoon-feeding, rote learning and constant memorization of the content. Students are also introduced with the concept of practicals. All the new additions to the way of learning, the concepts and subjects and even more their complexities add to the reason why pupils to know their syllabus well before they commence their preparation. It is crucial to know the course, its structure and also how the questions are asked so that the students can prepare well.

Planning studies according to the course, the weightage of each chapter can help the students study smart and not just put hard work. Acquaintance with the course with regular classes is a lit torch that guides the students when they are lost with respect to concocting their study material.

The subjects of class 9th are mentioned below and the students can click on the link to get the full syllabus of the subject of session 2023-24.

Check Syllabus for all subjects of class 10thCBSE Class 9 Syllabus

Syllabus for frequently checked subjects:

CBSE Class 9 Hindi Course-A SyllabusCBSE Class 9 Hindi Course-B Syllabus
CBSE Class 9 English Lang & Lit. SyllabusCBSE Class 9 English Communicative Syllabus
CBSE Class 9 Mathematics-Standard SyllabusCBSE Class 9 Mathematics – Basic Syllabus
CBSE Class 9 Science SyllabusCBSE Class 9 Social Science Syllabus

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