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CBSE Syllabus

The syllabus has been released for all the subjects taught in CBSE schools, and the information is available in the form of PDF files.

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Resision Notes

While NCERT textbooks are the bedrock of CBSE education, NCERT notes act as the catalyst, propelling students towards success.

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Sample Papers

Students who are currently studying in the 10th and 12th classes can download the sample papers and then practice them.

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How to Prepare

Preparing for CBSE exams using CBSE syllabus, revision notes, NCERT solutions, and sample papers can be an effective strategy. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


Start by thoroughly understanding the CBSE syllabus. Read and ensure that you have a good grasp of the concepts from NCERT books.

Revision Notes

Summarize key points, formulas, and concepts from each chapter to create concise revision notes.

NCERT Solutions

Solve NCERT textbook exercises and refer to NCERT solutions to understand the correct approach to solving problems.

Sample Papers

Solve CBSE sample papers and previous years’ question papers to get a sense of the exam pattern and question types.

Latest Articles

Stay informed about the latest developments, news, and announcements from CBSE, ensuring you’re always up to date with important information.

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