CBSE Class 9 Syllabus 2022-23 PDF (All Subjects)

CBSE Class 9 syllabus released – All you need to know: The Central Board of Secondary Education has officially released the syllabus for class 9th. While the board has returned to its original pattern of annual board examinations, it has also decided to reduce the syllabus, similar to the previous year. Thus, the CBSE has slashed off the practice of two-term examinations but with a reduced syllabus.

In this article, we will provide you not only with the syllabus but also how just its awareness can help you score great marks.

Why is it important to know the syllabus?

The syllabus contains not only the chapters that you have to cover but also each topic that the student must cover. The Central Board of Secondary Education revises the syllabus each year, especially after the pandemic. It slashes or adds the topics and subtopics and quite seldom even chapters for the ease and benefit of the students.

Hence, the students must familiarize themselves with what they have to study first. This will help the students save time and study efficiently as well. Since the students will allot the time only to the required chapters, they would be able to complete the syllabus in time and increase their productivity.

The syllabus gives you perfect knowledge about the weightage of each chapter and its topics. Thus, the students can know which topic is more important and which concept clarity can fetch them more marks.

It eventually helps the students prepare an effective timetable and plan and organize their studies, to complete them on time

How many subjects do you have? 

As per the latest guidelines by the CBSE, the students have to study main subjects:

English, Hindi, Maths, Science, and Social Science. Students are also offered Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence by their schools as well.

Subject wise CBSE Class 9 Syllabus

Following is the syllabus of all the listed categories offered by the CBSE. Click on the link to check the syllabus for each subject.

Syllabus of language subjects (GROUP – L)

The syllabus of this category has been carefully devised by the CBSE to provide adequate knowledge about the language to the students through methodologically structured topics and subtopics. Students and teachers must follow the same to accomplish the goal.

The syllabus of each language subject has been provided below:

Syllabus of Compulsory Subjects (Group-A1)

There are three compulsory subjects offered by the board. They are Science, Social Science, and Maths. The board offers the alternative to choose whether basic or advanced maths. The students must carefully choose whether to opt for basic or advanced maths as they will have to continue the same in the next class.

The syllabus for all the subjects under this category has been provided below:

Syllabus of Other Subjects (Group- A2)

This category aims to provide rather holistic development to the students so they can choose the subjects per their wish.  There are 12 alternatives that the students are provided with. The syllabus of each subject is provided below:

Syllabus of Skill Subjects (Group-S)

The Central Board of Secondary Education works toward the skill development of students so that their learning horizon can be expanded and they can learn. The board offers 18 subjects to choose from to upskill the students and provide them with more exposure to the careers available. The subject increases the knowledge among students about different fields and prepares them well for the future.

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How many exams will be conducted for class 9th?

As per the Central Board of Secondary Education, the exams will be conducted annually, i.e, once a year.

Where can we get the syllabus for all the categories of subjects?

The syllabus of all the subjects of all the categories of class 9th can be viewed at

What are the passing marks in theory out of 80?

The students must score a minimum of 26 marks out of 80 in the theory papers like English and Hindi.

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