CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24 for Class 10th and 12th

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the CBSE sample paper 2023 for the classes’ 10th and 12th board examination. These sample papers are now available on the official website of the CBSE and One can check the CBSE sample papers for the class 10 and 12 board examinations that are scheduled to be held in the academic year 2023-24.

CBSE sample paper let the students know about the paper pattern, the kind of questions that are possible to come along with the choices that would form the question papers of the CBSE Board Examinations 2023. The sample papers are the templates on which the board exam question papers are formed. Students who are currently studying in the 10th and 12th classes can download the sample papers and then study them for better performance in the examinations.

CBSE Sample Paper

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 10th and 12th – PDF Download

CBSE Class 12 Sample PaperCBSE Class 10 Sample Paper

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How to Download CBSE Sample Paper 2023?  

Students, who want to download the CBSE Sample paper 2023 for 10th and 12th classes, have to follow the given steps.

  1. Open website.
  2. Click on “Sample Question Paper” on the menu bar and select “SQP 2023-24”.
  3. There will be two links visible. One is for the 10th and the second one is for the 12th. Click on the respective link as per the student’s class.
  4. A new page will be visible on the screen. Now, choose the subject and open the SQP link to download the sample paper or you can click the MS link of the subject to download the marketing scheme.
  5. A PDF file will appear on the screen.
  6. Now, click on the PDF file to download the papers 2023-24 on the device.

How CBSE Sample Papers Can Help Students Perform Better in Examinations?

There are several advantages of practicing CBSE sample papers 2023 for 10th and 12th classes. Here are some of the advantages mentioned.

  • CBSE Sample Papers Help to Lessen the Exam Stress

By practicing CBSE sample papers 2023 for 10th and 12th classes, the students will get the overall idea regarding the type of questions you will be asked and the students can prepare perfectly for the same. This is because the sample paper is mainly prepared after studying the previous questions. It will help the students to get inside of the overall exam pattern, the type of questions that are set to arrive, and marking the scheme. The sample papers also help the student to get rid of the exam stress since they will also get an overall idea about the difficulty level of the exam.

  • Let the Students Know About the Level of Preparation

One thing is to keep in mind that the CBSE sample question papers are mainly prepared according to the latest syllabus as per the CBSE guidelines and cover each chapter and topic according to the course. When students solve the sample papers, they always come across the topics that they have studied and the subjects that they have not studied. It offers them an opportunity to study the topics and concepts that they have missed. Students can also self-analyze the sample questions as per the marking scheme so that they can get an idea about the marks that they can secure.

  • Help the Students with Revision

Sometimes, students studying tend to forget a few topics on the day of the examination but when they solve the sample papers; it will help them revise their entire syllabus completely in one attempt. If the students are stuck with a single topic and forget that, then they can rectify it much before the exam. In this way, they can score better in their exams.

  • Help to Increase Acquaintance and Speed

Time is one of the crucial and big factors in the examination. Students have to complete their answers within the given time. Therefore, it is important to write the answer as fast as possible. However, this speed can be achieved with good practice and the CBSE sample papers 2023 for 10th and 12th classes help the students best to maintain accuracy and speed. It also helps them to understand each topic and this is because, when the students solve the sample papers, they cover each section that they come across through the sample questions and the same problems again and again.

  • The Idea of a Marking Scheme

The students of classes 10th and 12th need to be familiar with the marking scheme of the examination. As they are more careful while attempting their board exams, it will help them to avoid any mistakes that may affect their score.


What Are the CBSE Sample Papers?

CBSE sample papers are like mock tests that empower the students to practice better for the upcoming exams. After practicing the sample papers, students feel energetic and there will be no fear of facing the exams.

How to Practice Sample Papers?

The best way to practice sample papers is to study the patterns of the questions and figure out the possibility of the arrival questions. Students can do this after studying the sample papers deeply.

Where Can I Get Sample Papers for the 10th and 12th Classes of CBSE for the Year 2023-24?

CBSE has already released the sample papers for the 10th and 12th classes and these papers are available on the official website of CBSE