CBSE Veer Gatha 3.0 – Check Rewards & the Evaluation process

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has always aimed to make spread the word about the true heroes of the country both known and unsung. The board has tried to include the children not only just through books but by engaging them in multiple creative and recreational activities. CBSE Veer Gatha Project is one such initiative by the board.

  • Evaluation at National Level started from 26th November 2023
  • For complete details of Veer Gatha Edition 3. Check out CBSE circular. Click Here
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What is the Veer Gatha Project

The students have to portray the story of the gallantry award winners in using their creativity and the topics given to each class, While the first edition of this portal was started by the Central Board of Secondary Education on August 2021, the second edition of CBSE Veer Gatha was launched again.

ProjectVeer Gatha
Result DateFirst week of January
Total Winners100 Winners
Prize/RewardRS. 10,000/- + Invite to the Republic Day celebration

The idea was initially proposed by the Ministry of Defence of India that the schools of teh country should try and inculcate activities that educate the students about the true warriors of the country and their stories. It will not only help them respect the soldiers but also be more grateful for the freedom they usually take for granted. The idea was then taken ahead by the collaboration of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Education with the launch of the portal for all the affiliated boards and state boards. The gallantry award winners are announced bi-annually i.e two times a year, on Republic day and on Independence Day.

The results for the first edition of the CBSE Veer Gatha Project were announced on January 06, 2022.

The students of each class must check the topics that are allocated to the group.  The link to the official page of the portal and the topics is given below

Timeline for Veer Gatha 3.0 Entry Submission

The project is open to all schools across states and Union Territories, with the submission period spanning from July 28 to September 30, 2023. Schools are invited to submit one entry per category, totaling four entries per school, through the MyGov portal.

Categories and Submission Criteria

Veer Gatha 3 comprises four categories, each catering to different grade levels:

  • Category-1 (Class 3 to 5): Poem/Paragraph (150 words)/Painting/Drawing/Multimedia Presentation/Video
  • Category-2 (Class 6 to 8): Poem/Paragraph (300 words)/Painting/Drawing/Multimedia Presentation/Video
  • Category-3 (Class 9 to 10): Poem/Essay (750 words)/Painting/Drawing/Multimedia Presentation/Video
  • Category-4 (Class 11 to 12): Poem/Essay (1000 words)/Painting/Drawing/Multimedia Presentation/Video

Suggested Topics for Exploration

Students can choose from a variety of suggested topics related to gallantry award winners or freedom fighters, including:

  • My role model is (Gallantry Award winner). The values which I have learnt from his/her life are…
  • The Gallantry Award winner gave the supreme sacrifice for our nation. If given a chance for keeping his/her memory alive, I would like to…
  • Rani Lakshmibai came into my dream. She wanted me to serve our nation by…
  • 1857 Mutiny has been marked as the First War of Indian Independence. The life story of (name of the freedom fighter) motivates me to…
  • Role of Tribal Uprising in Freedom Struggle.

Evaluation Process

Entries will undergo evaluation at both the state and national levels. State-level evaluation will be conducted by SCERTs, while a committee appointed by the Ministry of Education will oversee the national-level assessment. The top 100 entries, recognized as the “Super 100,” will receive awards at the national level from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Education.

Recognition and Awards Distribution

In the Veer Gatha Project 3.0, participants stand a chance to be recognized and rewarded at different levels. The allocation of winners is outlined as follows:

National Level Awards (Super 100)

  • Total Winners: 100 (Super 100)
  • No inclusion of previous Veer Gatha Winners (National Level) from earlier versions in the Super 100 of Veer Gatha Project 3.0.
  • Category 1: Class 3rd to 5th = 25 winners
  • Category 2: Class 6th to 8th = 25 winners
  • Category 3: Class 9th to 10th = 25 winners
  • Category 4: Class 11th to 12th = 25 winners

State / UT Level Recognition

  • Total Winners: 08 (Two from each category) at State / UT level irrespective of Board
  • Excludes students selected in the Super 100 at the National Level.

District Level Honors

  • Total Winners: 04 (One from each category)
  • Excludes students selected in the Super 100 at the National Level and those selected at the State/UT level.

All the participants are nevertheless, rewarded with an E-Certificate for participation.

How can I participate in the CBSE Veer Gatha?

Participating in the CBSE Veer Gatha competition is quite simple. In case you wish to do so, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the Central Board Of Secondary education
  2. Now go to the official link of the Veer Gatha Portal
  3. You will see the “Click here to Apply” button.
  4. Click on it and fill in the requirements to submit your entry. Check again to ensure the submission.

How is the competition conducted?

For the CBSE Affiliated schools, the competition is first conducted at the school level for each of the class groups. Now the school selects the top entry from each group and submits it on the portal. Thus, each school submits 4 entries, 1 from each group.

Veer Gatha 2.0 Winners List

National Evaluation Committee has been selected the 25 winners of Veer Gatha 2.0 and the result is out at Check the list of winner below.

To download the result PDF, Click here


How many gallantry awards are there?

There are 107 gallantry awards in the country

What is the Veer Gatha Project timeline in the CBSE schools?

The competitions will be conducted at the school level from 28th July to 30th September 2023. The schools can then upload the best entry by November 23.

Was the submission date extended for the Veer Gatha 3.0?

The last date for submission was 30th September 2023.

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