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Shala Darpan is an initiative that was started as a project for the digitization of all Kendriya Vidyalayas across India in 2015 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development under the Central Government. This project is still being implemented in different stages across the different states by National Informatics Center Services Inc or NICSI. Initially, the project’s objective was to set up a comprehensive system of information services for all Central government schools. It would manage details such as:

  • School profile
  • Student profile
  • Student attendance
  • Report cards
  • Employee information
  • Leave management
  • Curriculum tracking
  • SMS alert for teacher and student attendance as well as for parents

Today it is a comprehensive database system where all education offices and government schools can keep their information online and updated. Live data is compiled on this portal for all primary as well as secondary education systems of the states. There are separate login and database accesses for students and academic and administrative staff.

Stages of Implementation

There have been several stages of implementing Shala Darpan across the different states:

  • KVs across Delhi region were the first to implement the system with records being entered, verified, and successful use SMS services.
  • Online admissions were proposed in the year 2016-17; trials were conducted mainly with KVs in Delhi region.
  • The NIC cloud team worked with KVs to make the online application process successful.
  • Soon SMS services were set up.
  • Training sessions for teachers, students, and parents to use the portal were organized to enable them to use the system.

Raj Shala Darpan – The Rajasthan Initiative

The Shala Darpan program was soon circulated to different states. They were also encouraged to implement similar systems in state government schools. That is how Raj Shala Darpan was implemented in Rajasthan. Among all states to whom letters were circulated about the scheme, Gujarat and Rajasthan were foremost in implementing the same for their state schools. 

Today Rajasthan has a comprehensive and working Shala Darpan portal. It provides several services such as:

  • Login for students and staff.
  • Information on scholarship schemes.
  • Staff windows.
  • Issuing important forms.

The portal helps give a window to parents about their children’s attendance, and performance results. It also offers access to the teachers and the training staff. State-run B.Ed courses are also being coordinated through this portal. As a result, if anyone wants to know Shala Darpan internship B.Ed 2nd year details they can log in through the allotted window to get the details.

Raj Shala Darpan Internship

Overview of Raj Shala Darpan portal

Name of Portalhttp://rajshaladarpan.nic.in/
Ministry/AuthorityMinistry of Human Resource Development/Government of India
Implemented ByNational Informatics Center
Launched ForState schools, parents and staff
AimTo integrate state school information systems, provide separate database access to staff, students and administrators; integrated access to common tests, internships, examination procedures

How to Access Shala Darpan Portal?

Those who wish to sign up at the portal for the first time need to create an account and register. Steps to log in and create an account here are the following:

  • Log onto the official site which is rajshaladarpan.nic.in.
  • Visit the topmost corner of the home page; here you will find the Login button.
  • Click on login.
  • Here you will find the option to key in your login details and password; these would be provided to you by administrators of the school or institute, either as student login or staff login details.
  • Every school or related office has a specific username provided; you can also opt for the username search for Shala Darpan internship 2023 student login.

The portal has separate windows for staff and student login. The portal also acts as a registration platform for B.Ed courses in the state of Rajasthan. Hence, if one wishes to know details of their course, exam schedule, or internship allotted, they can do so on this portal.

How to Check Internship Details on Raj Shala Darpan

Steps to check the Shala Darpan internship school list are as follows:

  • Log onto the specific page whose URL is: http://rajshaladarpan.nic.in/RajEExam/InternShipNew/Home/Home.aspx.
  • Here on top, you will find several tabs; choose the one that showcases allotment status.
  • Here you will find several fields that need to be chosen such as district name, institute name, course, admission session, and candidate name.
  • Once you have entered all details and the captcha provided successfully, all internship details will be displayed on the next page.

There is a separate section created for B.ED aspirants on this platform. They can check all kinds of details here such as:

  • Institute list
  • Vacancy list
  • Schedule
  • Request status
  • Allotment status
  • Circular

Hence, all those who register for the B.Ed program in any year can get updates, schedules, circulars, and other details from this portal. All successful applicants of the state B.Ed program will get login details and access to the site. When they become eligible for school internships, the same is provided through this portal.


How Can I Register at Raj Shala Darpan?

Your school, institute, or office will provide you username and password to access this site.

How Can I Find B.Ed Internship Details on this Site?

You need to log in directly at http://rajshaladarpan.nic.in/RajEExam/InternShipNew/Home/Home.aspx where you can find all details related to your program and internship allotments.

My Internship Details Are Not Showing on the Portal. What Do I Do?

Speak to your course administrator. You could also use support and help services on the portal.

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