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Manav Sampada UP – Check Attendance, Apply Leave and Download Salary Slip

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Manav Sampada UP is a common portal for employees to check attendance, apply for leave and download their salary slip. Manav Sampada Portal has been designed to provide easy access to information for government employees in the state.

Manav Sampada Portal UP

Manav Sampada Portal UP is a web-based application that enables the employees of the state to access their salary details, attendance, and leave records. It is a centralized system for the employees of Uttar Pradesh. This application helps in processing various applications such as grievance redressal and salary revision etc., on behalf of its users. Manav Sampada is an all-in-one portal for Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS) across Government Departments. It is a generalized solution for State Governments to facilitate manpower planning and management.

Advantages of Manav Sampada UP

Manav Sampada UP is a mobile application that helps you to check your attendance, apply for leave and download your salary slip. It is a free service and provides 24*7 services. Manav Sampada UP provides the following advantages:

  • Check Attendance

You can log in to this app from anywhere in the country or outside of India with just one click on the link provided in the SMS text message sent by the company. If you don’t have access to the internet at home, then it will provide all information about your attendance like whether you are absent or present for work.

  • Apply to Leave

Manav Sampada UP offers various types of leaves such as annual leave, sick leave, etc., which need filling up before going on vacation/business trip/holidays, etc., so that no issues arise later on.

Manav Sampada UP

Features of the Manav Sampada UP

The Manav Sampada UP portal is a must-have tool for every employee. It provides you with a host of features that help you manage your attendance, leave, salary, and other important things in your life. You can use this portal to:

  • Manage Your Manav Sampada Attendance

This feature allows users to enter their daily work hours or leave days by simply typing the name of any employee whose details they wish to add to the system. You can also edit or delete entries made by others as well as view all existing entries at once if desired.

  • Manage Your Manav Sampada Leave

With this feature, you can manage when an employee takes leave from their job during any given year/month/week/day, etc., based on preferences set by them. You will be able to see how many days have been taken off so far during each month as well as the total amount spent on traveling expenses due from this account within the last 30 days only.

How to Register in Manav Sampada?

To register in Manav Sampada UP, you need to visit the website of Manav Sampada UP and click on the link to register as an employee. You need to fill in all the details and submit them. After submitting your application form, download Manav Sampada App on your mobile phone or tablet device. Log in with your username and password that was sent by us via email or SMS.

How to Login in Manav Sampada?

To login into Manav Sampada, you have to have a username and password. You can create your own or use one of the following:

  • Accessing Manav Sampada through an internet browser.
  • Using your mobile device (iOS or Android).

Manav Sampada Portal App

The Manav Sampada Portal App is open for all government employees of Uttar Pradesh. It applies to all employees in the state. To access the Manav Sampada portal, an applicant needs to be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh and a government employee.

Manav Sampada App is available for download on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. You can also use the web browser version of this app to check your attendance, apply for leave and download salary slip online. To download Manav Sampada UP App on your mobile phone:

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes store (depending on which device you have).
  • Search for “Manav Sampada Portal” in either search bar at top of any page on these stores where they are available.
  • Tap on any result displayed by them if it appears in their respective search results pages respectively.

Final Verdict

Manav Sampada Portal is one of the best online portals in Uttar Pradesh. Manav Sampada UP Portal helps in monitoring, planning, recruitment, posting, promotion, transfer, maintenance of service history, etc. Additionally, on the Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh website, you can apply for medical leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, casual leave, and miscarriage leave as long as you are a government employee and a permanent resident of UP. Manav Sampada UP basic education portal can be accessed at

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Where to Access Manav Sampada Portal?

Employees can access the Manav Sampada Portal at the website

Can You Apply for Leave Using Manav Sampada Portal?

Yes, government employees of the state of UP can apply for leave and keep a track of their attendance using the Manav Sampada Portal online.

How to Register in Manav Sampada Portal?

Employees can register in Manav Sampada Portal online by visiting the official website.

Is Registration at Manav aSampada Portal Free?

Yes, there are no additional costs of registration at the site and it is free of cost.

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