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NREGA is short form for National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. This act was passed originally in 2005. Later on, it was renamed MGNREGA or Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. This is a statute of Indian law, under labor and social services. It aims to offer a guarantee as a right to work.

The statute aims in securing livelihood provisions for the rural youth. It guarantees 100 days minimum of employment with guaranteed wages in every financial year. This scheme will work for every rural household. They have adult members who are willing to volunteer for unskilled and manual work.

In the context of this act, the NREGA job card was created. This central government scheme guarantees that people who register under it will get minimum employment for 180 days in a year.

How to apply for NREGA Job Card?

To get a job card under this scheme you need to do the following:

  • Register under this scheme on the official website of MNREGA.
  • After you register you need to check whether your name is on the list.
  • The website has a registration form available for people from different states.
  • One needs to register as per their location.
  • Once their registration is successful their card number will show up on the website.

As per the time when you register, your name is likely to feature in a list of applicants that year or the following year. Now that you know what is NREGA Job Card, you can then download your job card from the official website.

NREGA Job Card List

How to check NREGA Job Card List

As with most ongoing plans of the Indian government, this scheme is also being implemented largely online. Hence, once you have registered under this scheme successfully, you can do the following on the official website:

  • Log onto the site: If you have registered under this scheme and have not ascertained your registration details, you can check the list of successful applicants under your state and location.
  • Those who have been successfully registered for a financial year, for instance, 2023, will be showcased under the NREGA Job Card List of 2023 or “Job card/Employment Register”.
  • One can also find details under the state-wise list of the MGNREGA job card list.
  • If you have been successfully registered you will find your job card ready for download.

MGNREGA, initially set up in the year 2005, is an ongoing guaranteed employment scheme for rural households. However, members who wish to register under this scheme need to take up manual or unskilled work. If their registration is successful, they are guaranteed employment and wages for at least 180 days a year. The job card details available online can be checked on the official website from where one can download their job card as well.

How to Check NREGA Job Card Number Online?

To register under this scheme you need to visit the official site of the scheme Once you log onto the site you will find the different manual or basic skill-based jobs listed. You can click on a job and register under your state. Before that, you can register your details on the website. 

After you have registered and logged in, you can apply for a job listed on the site. If the basic criteria are met, you are likely to be listed in the list of successful and registered applicants. You can log back into the site after 15 days of applying and look for your name under the job list. Once you find your name you will find the link to download your NREGA job card as well.

To summarize, if you want to check your job card details on the site you need to do the following steps:

  • Start by visiting the official site
  • Use your login details to enter your account on the site.
  • Select the district, village, and block under which you registered your name.
  • Once all the above details are provided your job card number will be displayed.
  • You can click on the number to download the NREGA job card.
  • After the card is downloaded you can print the same and apply to all opportunities that guarantee employment under the MNREGA scheme.

Points to Remember

To apply under this scheme you need to provide valid details such as the name of the beneficiary, his or her full address as well as bank account details. Also, the applicant needs to submit a declaration of their unemployment from their village head. 

This scheme is implemented in collaboration with respective state governments and gram panchayats. Usually, labor-intensive jobs are advertised under this scheme. However, semi-skilled or skilled jobs such as computer or data entry jobs are also made available. 

Details of the NREGA

Name of SchemeMahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
Supervising AuthorityGovernment of India, Ministry of Labour
Who Can ApplyUnemployed individuals in rural households
How to RegisterOnline
What Documents to SubmitAADHAR card, bank account, mobile number, statement from Gram Panchayat head
Documents RequiredBank Account, Domicile, AADHAR Card, Mobile Number
Details on Job CardBeneficiary Name, Bank Name, Village Name


Where to Register under MGNREGA?

You need to register at the site:

What Are the Details You Need to Enter as a Job Card Applicant?

You need to enter details like name, village and state address, and bank account.

From Where Can I Download the Job Card?

You can download it only if you have successfully registered. It will show up under your login details on the official site of MGNREGA.

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