5 Tips to study Accounts for CBSE Class 12th

Accounts is one of the most challenging subjects for the commerce students of CBSE class 12th . But is it really?

Is Accounts really tough or do the students lack somewhere in their practice too?

We believe that even though the subject is a tough nut, the students go about it a little unprepared. The subject does not only comprise practical questions but also covers a significant portion of theoretical topics.

Tips to study Accounts for CBSE Class 12th

In this article we will guide you with 5 tips that can make your life easier with accounts !

1. What is the first thing to keep in mind while preparing accounts?

 The first and the foremost thing that a student should know while stepping into this battle field (relax, it is just a figure of speech) is that you should be Consistent. Yes, when we say that consistency is the key, we are not kidding, it really does make a difference. With my personal experience, daily practice, even if it is just 5 questions can be a big deal when we take its compound effect into account. 

Now, as we are familiar with this first step, we will guide you towards how you should approach the subject.

2. Why cover theoretical portion?

The theory portion of each chapter in the subject covers not only the definitions and meanings,but also provides you the clarity of how the adjustments will be made in the questions ahead. The conceptual understanding and clarity is essential to actually know the logic behind each adjustment in the question. With clarity in questions , it becomes far easier to retain the questions and the concept in your memory. 

3. How to solve practical questions 

The practical questions cover the maximum portion in the final exam for both classes 11th and 12th. Remember that the theory part of the chapter provides a firm foundation for these questions. The questions must be solved daily. Mark the important adjustments that have crucial little details, you may forget. Mark the questions that you are  not abale to solve or the ones that require more focus. Such practices will help during the final revision before an exam.

4. Periodical Revision of chapters

The most common mistake that the students make is that they lose their touch with the previous chapters. They move on to the next chapter without revising the chapters done previously.

To solve this you can set a particular day when you would only revise the last chapter. For example, take Saturday as the day to revise one of the chapters you did previously. This would ensure that you do not forget what you had studied earlier and also keep up with the syllabus. Further, it ensures that you do not take much time in revisions as you keep progressing with the syllabus.

5. Practice Sample Papers/ Past Year Questions

It is quite crucial that the students solve their past year papers and the sample papers that are released by the Central Board of Secondary Education. In case you need the sample papers you can download them from Class 12th Sample paper

Additionally, if you require the past year papers of the current year or the past years, you can download them from Class 12th Previous year papers

The practice papers can be also used when you are following the 4th point i.e, you are periodically revising the chapters. This would ensure that you are following the correct pattern and dedicating your time in the right direction.


How should I start the revision of Accounts for Class 12th CBSE?

Start the revision with the chapters that have the maximum weightage in the fial exam. Ensure that you have done the syllabus analysis of the subject. If not, check our article Class 12 Syllabus to know more about it

Is NCERT enough for Accounts, CBSE Class 12th?

No! The NCERT Book is not quite sufficient for the final exam. You would require the NCERT Exdemplar or books like TS Grewal, DK Goel etc, for your further practice of exam type questions. You may refer to the books as guided by the teachers or the board.

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