CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 (PDF)

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 for all subjects – Everything you need to know. The value that the class 12th holds for a student needs no explanation. It is a very crucial year. One, where no stone is left unturned to succeed. But what helps you the most in this journey is the correct guidance. While your teachers, parents, and seniors (and often friends) are your biggest offline supporters, cheerleaders, and mentors, we understand the pressure; so, you can always look up Cbseacademics for online guidance through our articles and blogs.

We have covered the tips and tricks to crack the board exam and in this, we will elaborate on the importance of the previous year papers and to save you some time, even provide you with CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers for all the subjects.

(Remember the first step in class 12th is to make sure you have done an adequate syllabus analysis!


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Why Solve CBSE Class 12 Previous Year question Papers?

The previous year question papers are basically the different sets of question papers that have been taken up by the students of CBSE Class 12th of the previous batches. Solving these papers have many benefits which are listed below

  1. Once you have solved the textbook exercises and are clear with the concepts, it is essential that you know how the questions are actually asked in the board paper. The paper-solving technique gives you an idea of how the questions are often framed.
  2. Solving multiple past papers helps you track and analyze the pattern of questions asked. Perhaps there is a question that has been asked quite frequently. Or maybe, there is a chapter that has the most number of questions or the questions of heavy weightage. Such analysis help in determining the next step in revision.
  3. Another benefit of solving these papers is the clear view of your preparation that it provides. It helps you in determining your strengths and weaknesses and what are the topics that require your urgent attention.
  4. Solving papers of a similar pattern to your final exam will boost your confidence and keep you more calm and relaxed during the final examination.
  5. The key to scoring high marks is the presentation of answers in the answer sheets. By solving the questions and checking with the answer scheme provided by the central board of secondary education (CBSE) you can work on it and gain an edge over the other students.

When is the right time to start solving Previous Year Papers?

The right time, per se, mostly depends on the students. However, usually, the right time to begin solving the past papers is one month prior to the final exam. One month is quite sufficient to solve atleast 6 to 10 past papers on each subject. Try and make the sitting hours the same as the timings of the final board exam.

The links to all CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 are provided below. You can click on them to access the papers.

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How many papers on each subject should we solve?

Atleast 6 to 10.

Do questions repeat in board exams?

It is not necessary that the questions would repeat from past papers. However, solving these papers can get you clarity on the pattern of questions asked the most which can further help you in your preparation.