Lottery Sambad Result Today

Lottery Sambad Result Today 12.12.22

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People want to try their luck through the various lotteries and Lottery Sambad result is one such lottery that offers outstanding prizes and one can easily try their luck by participating in these lotteries. In such a condition, it would be the best thing that would perfectly contribute to the financial condition of the people. 

Lottery Sambad result is mainly declared in different timings that are not only favorite to the participants but also they deliver the outstanding result that maximum people prefer to have in their daily timings. 

 Lottery Sambad Result Popularity

Lottery Sambad is popular among the people for various reasons and today, it has been played as one of the most popular lottery games in India. Various states have already allowed playing the lottery and 13 states across India have already legalized playing and participating lottery. These states are Nagaland, Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, and Mizoram. Since the Lottery Sambad ticket pricing is low and it attracts a maximum number of people due to this reason. If luck supports, one can win big prizes instantly just after participating in the lottery. 

Timings of Lottery Sambad Result

Lottery Sambad mainly played in 2 states. These are Nagaland and West Bengal. There are thousands of people participate in this lottery which it becomes one of the most popular lotteries being played in India. The timing of the Lottery Sambad is as followed. 

Lottery Sambad NameTiming
Nagaland Morning Lottery Sambad11:55 AM
West Bengal Lottery Sambad4:00 PM
Nagaland Evening Lottery Sambad8:00 PM

These are the timings that one can follow to know the Lottery Sambad results for the respective states. If someone found these lotteries, it will be easy to know the position in the prize list that person has occupied. 

Ticket Price and Prize Money of Lottery Sambad

The ticket price of Lottery Sambad is minimal and it is only Rs 6/- and that is why it would be a great approach to come up with the right kind of things that can perfectly meet your needs without hampering your financial interest. The prize money of this lottery is 1 Crore which is considered one of the biggest lottery prize money in the entire country. 

Lottery Sambad 8:00 PM

Do you want to know the lottery results for Sambad Night at 8 PM? The Today Lottery Sambad Night result is available on the official website. Every day at 8 PM, Lottery Sambad used to announce its Dear Night/Evening results. After 8:30 PM, the official Dear Night Results PDF will be made available on the website. At 8:00 PM, you can get the updated results. Therefore, the public is urged to continue checking the official website for the Lottery Sambad result by 8 PM. See the PDF file for the Lottery Sambad 8 PM for more details. 

Lottery Sambad 6:00 PM

Do you want to know the results of the Lottery Sambad Evening at 6 PM? The Today Lottery Sambad 6 PM result is available below. Lottery Sambad used to release the results at 6 PM. Every day at 6 PM, The result will be released and broadcast live, and after 6:15 PM, a PDF of the results will be made accessible on the company’s website. At 6 PM, we will update the lottery results here. Therefore, it is advised that everyone keep checking the official website of the Sambad Lottery Result. See the PDF file for the Lottery Sambad 6 PM Result.

Lottery Sambad 1:00 PM 

Do you need the results of the Lottery Sambad Morning 1 PM? The specifics of the Today Lottery Sambad Morning result are available here. The Lottery Sambad Morning result was formally announced at 1 PM. Daily Dear Morning results are released on their official website at 1:15 PM, along with the official Dear Morning Results PDF. To check the Today Lottery Sambad Morning result, please visit the website. Visit the Sambad Lottery 1 PM Result page.

Lottery Sambad Live Results 

Do you want to know the Lottery Sambad result? Only the official website publishes the Lottery, Lottery, and Lottery Sambad results at noon, six o’clock, and eight o’clock. The results will be published on the website for all of India, and participants can access the details there. Results for the Lottery Sambad are available right away on the page. The website also makes it simple to get the results in PDF format.

Lottery Sambad Prize List 

  • 1st Prize Rs 1 Crore 
  • 2nd Prize Rs 9000/-
  • 3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
  • 4th Prize Rs- 250/- 
  • 5th Prize Rs- 120/- 
  • Consolation Prize Rs 1000/- 

Due to the high amount of prize money, many people try their luck while participating in these lotteries. Once they visit the official website, it will be quite easy to get the best result from it.  


How Much Is the Ticket Price of Lottery Sambad?

At just Rs 6/- per ticket, Lottery Sambad is one of the most affordable lotteries around. That means you can purchase multiple tickets without breaking the bank – giving you multiple chances to win big. 

How Much Is the First Prize Money of Lottery Sambad? 

Well, the first prize of Lottery Sambad comes with a whopping amount of Rs 1 Crore. Yes, you read it right! Lottery Sambad offers a chance to win Rs 1 Crore as its first prize money. 

What Are the Result Timings of Lottery Sambad? 

The result timings of Lottery Sambad are 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM respectively. This means that the results are announced at these three different timings throughout the day.

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