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How to Message Yourself on WhatsApp – It’s easy!

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and potent messaging apps that are primarily used for sending messages to both saved and unsaved contacts in your phone. There are millions of users worldwide who use this messaging app and one can send and view messages within seconds (Depending on the internet speed). This is the reason, it has become part of life due to its outstanding features. Have you ever thought, how to Message Yourself on WhatsApp? if yes, then we have the answer, keep reading.

Texting others is easy through WhatsApp but texting yourself was never been easy. Though it was the most demanding feature and millions of users were demanding this for years but WhatsApp was not convinced by the demand. Platforms like Slack have a dedicated space to message yourself and Telegram lets you save messages for later but now, WhatsApp appears in the same line and it offers mess to the users. This Meta-owned platform is now arguably offering outstanding self-messaging features that can perfectly meet your needs. 

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Sending messages to yourself on WhatsApp

In late October, it was observed that WhatsApp was testing this feature and this is all about starting a conversation with yourself on the same app. According to experts, this feature has been rolled out in iOS with version 22.23.74 of the app. We are also witnessing this on many of our Android devices after updating WhatsApp to version 

It may not probably seem useful at first but messaging yourself could also be a great way to transfer small files between the multiple smartphones without any Bluetooth or wire. It has also made it clear that it is quite easy to add a shortcut to the chat with yourself on the home screen. 

Benefits of Sending Messages Yourself on WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp to send messages to yourself can help you stay organized and remember essential details. It is quite easy to get the details of the self-messaging while you are using WhatsApp. No matter whether you are an Android or iOS user but both of these platforms are allowing the latest version of WhatsApp that will help you to message yourself. The advantages of WhatsApp self-messaging are listed below. 

  1. Easy to Track Important Information

You can remember crucial details by sending yourself messages on WhatsApp. You can remember details like meeting hours, due dates, and tasks. Both in the workplace and personal life, this is beneficial. There is no need to make another note on your mobile or another device. 

  1. Easy to Stay Organized

You can keep yourself organized by using WhatsApp to send messages to yourself. If you have a lot of different tasks to keep track of, this is extremely helpful. In this way, there is no fear of leaving anything or forgetting anything while messaging through WhatsApp. 

  1. Easy to Remind Important Things

Sending oneself messages on WhatsApp might be a wonderful way to remind yourself of essential tasks or appointments if you tend to forget things. This is the reason; it is always a great way to use this outstanding feature on your WhatsApp that would rightly and perfectly make a great contribution on your own.

  1. Easy to Set Daily or Weekly Reminders

Sending a message to yourself on WhatsApp will allow you to set up a daily or weekly reminder for yourself. This can help you remember to perform chores like laundry, take medication, or take out the trash. In this way, the chances of forgetting any important appointment or assignment are not possible when you have this feature. 

  1. Easy to Document Your Thoughts

One of the most important things about this feature is that you can easily document your thoughts or ideas that instantly poke your mind. Our mind seldom to stick one thought and it is obvious that you have to recollect the memories if you miss the chance of documenting your thought. The self-messaging feature in WhatsApp will allow you to document what you have in mind. In this way, there is no struggle required for collecting the same thought twice. 

How to Message Yourself on WhatsApp?

Time needed: 1 minute

After the roll out of new “Message Yourself” feature. Sending message to yourself is as easy as messaging other contacts.

  1. Open WhatsApp and Click on new chat icon.

    Message yourself on Whatsapp-Open new Chat

  2. You will see your phone number on top of the contact list. Click on it. if you don’t see your phone number, update your WhatsApp first.

    Message yourself on Whatsapp-Click on Your Contact

  3. Type your note or message and sent it.

    Message yourself on Whatsapp-Type and Send

How to Message Yourself on WhatsApp Web?

  • Open the browser on the device that you want to use WhatsApp’s self-chatting feature.
  • You can either copy-paste or type “” on the address bar and you have to add your mobile number along with the country code without using the space. The final URL will look like this- ‘‘.
  • After typing on the address bar, now hit the search.
  • Now you’ll be redirected to a WhatsApp page with the number at the top and the “Tap to Share” button. Now, click on that or choose “Continue to chat” from the dialogue box that pops up. If you are doing this on the desktop, you will get the “Open WhatsApp” dialogue box. 
  • Now, this page will redirect you to WhatsApp where you can chat with yourself.
  • You will see a chart window with the chat name “You” and you can also rename it according to your name. 
  • WhatsApp will display all the chat windows along with all your chats.

According to the officials, this feature does seem to be rolling out to devices gradually. Therefore, it can take a few days for it to appear on your devices. You could always make a group with only one other person, take them out, and utilize that area to communicate with yourself until then. For whatever reason, you could still be able to use this option to hold two distinct chats with yourself.

Still trouble sending message yourself on WhatsApp? ask your query in the comment section.

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