The Road Not Taken Class 9 Notes English Poetry


This is a very famous and beautiful poem full of wisdom. In this poem, Frost tells us the importance of making choices in life. The poet tries to explain this plain truth with the help of very common examples in our day-to-day life. One day while the poet was passing through a wood, he reached at a point from where the road diverged in two different directions. Now, the poet was in a fix and found it difficult to choose one out of them. He could not travel through both of them. Therefore, he had a look at both of them. One of them was a commonly adopted road whereas the other one was used by few people. But that morning both of them were equally fresh and no other traveller had yet gone through them.

Now, the poet made an important decision. He decided to take the less frequently used road. However, he also knew that this choice would make a significant difference in the end. And one day he would be telling after ages with a sigh that his choice had made all the difference. Still, he left the other road for some other day, knowing that he would never be able to come there again to adopt the other path. He also knew that choices are irrevocable and once made, they cannot be changed in life.

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