NCERT Solutions for class 9th English Poetry The Road Not Taken


I. 1. Where does the traveller find himself? What problem does he face?

  1. Discuss what these phrases mean to you.
    (i) a yellow wood
    (ii) it was grassy and wanted wear
    (iii) the passing there
    (iv) In leaves no step had trodden black
    (v) how way leads on to way

3. Is there any difference between the two roads as the poet describes them

(i) in stanzas two and three?
(ii) in the last two lines of the poem?

4. What do you think the last two lines of the poem mean? (Looking back, does the poet regret his choice or accept it?)


1. The traveller finds himself at a point where two roads diverge. His problem is to decide on which road he should walk.

2.(i) A forest in the autumn season.
(ii) The road had grass because it was a less travelled road. It wanted people to move on it.
(iii) It implies walking on the road.
(v) It means the leaves had not been crushed under the feet of travellers.
(v) How one road leads to another.

3. (i) There is no difference between the two roads in stanzas two and three.

(ii) In the last two lines of the poem the poet tells that the road he opts for is less travelled.

4. The last two lines have the quintessence of the poem. The poet expresses his opinion that it becomes difficult for a mortal to change his/her decision. The poet intended to walk on the first road but he couldn’t do so because life does not offer multiple chances to choose a career. The decision taken may mar one’s future and lead one to success. It makes all the difference. He now repents for not getting a chance to travel on the first road.

II. 1. Have you ever had to make a difficult choice (or do you think you will have difficult choices to make)? How will you make the choice (for what reasons)?

2. After you have made a choice do you always think about what might have been, or do you accept the reality?

Ans. 1. Such situations occur in everyone’s life. In today’s world of marketing people have numerous alternatives. But the decision should be taken after considering all the ins and outs of the situation. We must ruminate over the disadvantages also.

2. One should live in the present and not in the past. The philosophy of ‘is’ is the maha mantra for attaining success. Life is not a bed of roses. Its hurdles are to be crossed bravely. One must not feel nervous and get dejected in the trying circumstances.

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