CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper PDF (All Subjects)

A guide to CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper and how to use them effectively.

Class 10th brings change for students in many ways. It requires a change in the approach toward studies and a shift in the study practices. Students are often left perplexed about how they should start and go about it. With each class, their syllabus becomes lengthy and more complicated as well. Class 10th is merely a beginning in that aspect.

Our previous article discussed the first part of the process- The Syllabus Analysis. In case you haven’t read it yet, check out our article

Besides the above link, you may also download the syllabus from the official website of the Central Board of Secondary Education

The first step is followed by consistency. Consistency in studies, revisions, attending lectures, regular practice, etc. But what would you do after your syllabus is covered and enough revisions are done? The next step is Solving Sample Papers,

What are CBSE Class 10th Sample Papers?

The Central Board of Secondary Education releases sample papers for each subject of classes 10th and 12th. The papers are the best way to understand the pattern in which the questions will be asked in the final exam. They are the best guide to knowing the marking scheme, the number of questions asked within each marking slab, and the number of internal choices provided (if any).  Students are advised to solve the sample papers released in the current year to be well updated with the pattern. Moreover, it will also be great practice for them for the final exam.

They are advised to take proper sittings of each paper and solve the sample papers the same way they would take the board exam. Sit properly without any disturbances, for three hours, in the same time frame as the final exam. For example. If the English exam is from 2 pm to 4 pm, then take the practice test from 2 pm to 4 pm. It would boost their efficiency and also allow mental preparedness.

Students must follow the official answer key released by the board each year to check their answers. It would also familiarize them with the important keywords for each question, and help them assess their strengths and weakness as well.

When are the Sample Papers released?

The Central Board of Secondary Education releases the sample papers each years in the month of September on the official website Apart from the official website, the Sample Papers of class 10th for 2022-2023 and the last 10 years are linked below, FOR FREE!!

CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for Last 10 Years

CBSE Class 10th Sample Paper 2022-2023
CBSE Class 10th Sample Paper 2021-2022
CBSE Class 10th Sample Paper 2020-2021
CBSE Class 10th Sample Paper 2019-2020
CBSE Class 10th Sample Paper 2018-2019
CBSE Class 10th Sample Paper 2017-2018
CBSE Class 10th Sample Paper 2016-2017
CBSE Class 10th Sample Paper 2015-2016


How many sample papers should a student solve?

A student must solve at least 5 sample papers for each subject.

Will the exam for 2022-23 have MCQ questions?

Yes, the current year paper will comprise 40% MCQ questions, 20% competency-based, and 40% subjective questions (short/long answer type).

What are the passing marks out of 80 in the board exam?

A student must secure 33% to pass the examination i.e. 26 marks.

When is the right time to solve the sample papers?

Ideally, the students should solve the sample papers one month prior to their board examination.