CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 (PDF)

Get all the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10. Are you in class 10th right now? We are familiar with the pressure you face because trust us, we have been there. And each one of us is acquainted with the pressure of giving the boards for the first time. Although if you hear someone about how their experience of their first boards was a smooth one, trust us that they are lying. Class 10th is not just difficult because of the board examination but also because of the lack of guidance few students face.

While we are assured that attending regular classes, and taking help from your teachers, parents, and seniors can be helpful, we can also guarantee that you can rely on Cbseacademic for articles on the frequently asked questions related to the CBSE boards, and all its recent updates at .

In this article, we will guide you on why should you use the past year papers and how should you use them for their optimum usage

WAIT! Before you begin with the practice papers, make sure you know how to do “SYLLABUS ANALYSIS”

Still confused? Relax, we got you! Check our article CBSE Class 10 Syllabus.

Why practice CBSE Class 10th Previous Year Papers?

Class 10th Previous Papers are a very crucial step in the preparation for the board examinations. After you clear the concepts and practice the questions from the textbooks, the next step is to practice!

The Practice Papers are provided below for FREE. However, before that, you must know why you should practice these papers, and there are multiple reasons why.

  1. The Practice Papers are the best medium for the students to learn about the pattern of the questions that are asked in the papers. The papers can help give you a clear idea about what are the most frequent questions and how they can be framed differently.
  2. The students through solving past papers can learn more about the presentation of papers and the keywords that are used in the answer key, released by the boards.
  3. Practice papers are also the best way to analyze and evaluate your preparation and know more about the strengths and weaknesses concerning the concepts, chapters, topics, numerical, presentation, etc
  4. Through the sample papers, the students can also boost their confidence and also make them more relaxed for their final examination.
  5. Moreover, practicing multiple papers can also enhance your speed, efficiency, and time management skills- which play an essential role on the final day.

When should you practice CBSE Class 10th Past Papers?

The question as to “when” you should begin the practice of past papers, varies from student to student. However, in order to get ample time to practice a minimum of 6 past year papers of all subjects, one should ideally begin one month before the commencement of the final examinations.

The students should aim to practice the papers in one go, without any interruptions during the same hours as the final exam.

The links to CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 of all the subjects are provided below.

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