CBSE’s Science Challenge Empowers Students in Grades 8-10

Hi everyone, welcome to our website. Today, we’re talking about the CBSE Science Challenge. Have you heard of it? Interested in joining? You’re in the right place! Check out this article to learn all about the challenge. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to participate, who can join, the benefits, important dates, and more. The CBSE is hosting this challenge to spark curiosity and critical thinking among students in grades 8 to 10.

What’s the CBSE Science Challenge 2024?

It’s a contest run by the Central Board of Secondary Education for students in grades 8 to 10. They use the DIKSHA platform to organize it. The board’s goal is to spark curiosity, questions, and deeper thinking about science and technology in students. This program helps students learn how to think, solve problems, and make smart choices.

Key Points About CBSE Science Challenge:

  • Scheme Name: CBSE Science Challenge
  • Launched By: Central Board of Secondary Education
  • Ministry: Ministry of Education, Government of India
  • Target Audience: Students
  • Application Method: Online
  • Official Website: CBSE Science

Objective of the Challenge:

The challenge aims to improve the thinking abilities and curiosity of students in grades 8 to 10 about various scientific developments. This initiative encourages early learning of science, which contributes to the nation’s development.

Benefits of the Challenge:

  • Participants will receive participation certificates.
  • Certificates will be issued online via the DIKSHA platform.
  • Certificates will be automatically generated upon course completion.

Eligibility Criteria:

Students in grades 8 to 10, regardless of the board they belong to, are eligible to apply for the challenge.

CBSE Science Challenge Details:

  • The challenge has two rounds: one within the school and one between schools.
  • There is no fee for students participating in either round.
  • All students in grades 8 to 10 in CBSE affiliated schools can join Round One. Schools need to register students for this round.
  • For Round Two, each school can nominate 6 students (the best 2 from each class) who participated in Round One.
  • The Science challenge paper includes various tasks and multiple-choice questions, testing both speed and accuracy.
  • All Round Two participants receive an online participation certificate from the Board. Best-performing students get an Appreciation Certificate.

Details for the 2024-25 Challenge:

Round One (First Stage):
  • Schools need to register the number of participating students on the Science Challenge Portal from April 10 to April 19, 2024.
  • On April 22, 2024, the Science Challenge paper with MCQs and scoring criteria will be available on the portal.
  • Schools should conduct the challenge for registered students between April 22 and April 26, 2024, and nominate 6 students (2 from each class) based on their performance.
Round Two (Second Stage):
  • The Board will conduct a computer-based Science Challenge for registered students between May 13 and May 17, 2024.
  • Only schools that completed Round One and registered students for Round Two are eligible.
  • Detailed instructions for this test will be given to schools registering students for the second round of the challenge.

CBSE Science Challenge 2024 Application Process:

  • Students from CBSE-affiliated schools: The school needs to register and provide students’ CBSE registration IDs.
  • Students from other boards: They can access the course directly on the DIKSHA platform.
  • Steps to participate:
    1. Open the DIKSHA platform or android application.
    2. Log in with the registered ID provided by the school for CBSE students, or register directly if from other boards.
    3. Students can use their Google account to sign up.
    4. Once logged in, click on the “Join Course” button.
    5. There are two modules: an introduction and the CBSE Challenge.
    6. To access the quiz, CBSE students need to fill out their Registration ID, while students from other boards can skip this step.
    7. Take part in the quiz, submit answers, and complete the course.
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