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Every year thousands of students appear for board exams. A survey reveals that the first notion about boards is always fear or anxiety. But, the aptest yet uncommon thought is STRATEGY. Yes, the toughest of the exams can be aced with the right technique and strategy.

Are you a student of class 10th or 12th appearing for board exams?

Then this article is for you, as we break down 5 smart tips to crack the CBSE Board Exams! Get your notepad ready!

5 smart tips to crack the CBSE Board Exams

1) Arrange all the material for your subjects

The first and foremost thing is to get all the required books for all your subjects. It is important to not take any subject lightly and make sure all the study material and books are available to you. In recent times, eBooks and online study material have also gained immense popularity due to the ease of access, affordability and especially during COVID, when external conditions were unsafe.

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2) Plan Your studies

Organizing and planning your study routine is the most crucial part of the preparation. While planning, consider your productive time of the day, short and long-term goals, and most essentially short breaks. You may start by making a TO-DO list that could not only increase your daily efficiency but, checking it off daily would also enhance your motivation.  It is important to make time for recreational activities to refresh your mind and focus better.

3) NCERT is the key

A common mistake among board students is the lack of focus on NCERT. The exam papers are solely based on these books and hence a consistent revision of chapters and solving exercise questions of all the NCERT Books is very important. The practice questions can help assess your strong and weak areas in a chapter and give you a better review of your preparation.

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4) Presentation skills & Keywords

Students often face problems during the examination because of their slow speed and lack of written practice. Thus, the written practice of each subject should be done to make sure you complete the paper on time. Moreover, keywords in exams play a crucial role in the marking system. Take help from your teachers and analyze the previous year’s papers to know the keywords that could help you score better. Use flowcharts and diagrams to explain your answer concisely.

5) Practice Past 10 Years

Mock papers of 10 years must be solved to not only analyze your preparation but also to strengthen your time management skills, help you avoid crossing the word limit, work on presentation, know the pattern of questions, and highlight the most asked questions (chances are they’ll be repeated!). They also prepare you for your final sitting of 3 hours so that you don’t get exhausted on the final day.

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Remember that hard work beats talent, so, stay consistent with your practice even in the most challenging subject.  Although, staying focused from the beginning is advisable but know that it’s never too late to begin. Plus, amidst this, it is necessary to prioritize your health. Take 7 hours of sleep daily, eat healthily, and don’t forget to destress yourself by having fun!

All The Best!

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