The Snake and the Mirror Class 9 Notes English Chapter 5


This is a very interesting story about a snake. The narrator, who is a doctor, explains his experience with a snake here. He narrates an incident of a hot summer night when he used to live in a room in the village. When he came to his room, it was about ten o’clock. As he opened the door, he heard some noise. There were a lot of mice around the room. Therefore, the narrator did not give much attention to it.

The house was not electrified so he lighted a lamp. He took off his black coat and hung it. He sat on the chair lying against the table. He took out a medical book from the box below the table and started reading it. A mirror was also placed on the table. The narrator saw himself in the mirror. He adjusted his parting and sat back. It was very hot and he decided to get up and go out for some air. His room had a tiled roof.

After some time he went back into the room. Then he lit a beedi and started thinking. He was thinking about marrying a fat woman. He wanted his wife to be a doctor with a lot of money. Thinking so, he again sat on the chair. Suddenly, he heard a sound and a snake fell upon his shoulder. The narrator turned into a statue out of fear. The snake slithered around his arm. The narrator could think only this much as which medicine he should take if the snake bit him. The snake was hardly four inches away from his face.

The narrator had no strength left in him to do anything. The snake was coiling harder. Suddenly the snake saw its reflection in the mirror. It was so attracted to its reflection that he uncoiled from the narrator’s hand and slipped onto the table. It sat there and started looking in the mirror. This gave an opportunity to the narrator to run away. He ran with his full strength and reached the house of one of his friends. The narrator went to his room only in the morning with his friend. But they found that a thief had stolen all his belongings except a dirty vest. The narrator said laughing that perhaps the snake was captivated by its own beauty.

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