The Little Girl Class 9 Notes English Chapter 3


This story is about a little girl named Kezia. In this story, the writer explains the incidents from the life of this little girl. Her father is a dreadful person for her. She stutters in his presence whereas she would never stutter with others. Her mother also did not support her much. It is only her grandmother who looks after her. When her father would come home, Kezia’s mother would ask her to go and remove his shoes. The little girl will approach her father and remove his shoes. He was so big and when he would yawn, his open mouth would frighten the little girl.

One day Kezia was not sent to school as she was suffering from a cold. Her grandmother asked her to give a gift to her father on his birthday next week. She suggested to Kezia that she should prepare a pin cushion for him as a gift out of some yellow silk. Kezia worked on the plan and prepared a pin cushion. She stitched its three sides. Now the question before her was to find the filling material for her pin cushion. She searched the whole house but her search ended only in the bedroom of her mother. There she found many sheets of fine paper. She gathered them up and tore them into fine pieces, stuffed them in the cushion, and stitched the fourth side also. Now the gift for her father was ready.

But luck was not in favor of Kezia. Unknowingly, she had torn the speech of her father for the Port Authority. The papers were searched and Kezia was also questioned. She said that she has used them as filling material. When her father came to know about it, he became furious. He took a ruler and used it as a stick to beat her.

One night her mother fell ill. Her grandmother had to stay with her in the hospital. Kezia was left with her father. When she was sleeping, she had a nightmare. She cried loudly. When she woke up, she found her father caressing her. He took her to his bed. He asked her to rub her feet against his legs to get them warm. Soon he fell asleep as he was tired. But Kezia did not sleep. She was thinking about her father. Suddenly she found that he was no longer a dreadful person. She was thinking how big her father’s heart was. Now she started loving her father.

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