The Lake Isle of Innisfree Class 9 Notes English Poetry


This poem is composed by William Butler Yeats. In this poem, the poet focuses on Innisfree as a place of escape. The poet wants to leave this materialistic world and escape to the lonely Innisfree. He wants to make a small cabin with clay and wattles to live there alone. He wishes to grow nine rows of beans and rear bees in a hive there. He wants to use them for himself. The poet wants to live in peace there. He knows that peace will not come at once. He finds peace in the veils of morning in the singing of the cricket. Then the poet expresses his desire to enjoy the midnight glimmer. He wants to enjoy natural beauty and for that, he longs for the sky full of flying linnet birds. These natural scenes will bring peace and harmony to the poet.

The poet hears the water of the lake lapping with the shore. He wants to hear this sound constantly even while he is walking on the roads and grey pavements of the city.

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