The Fun They Had Class 9 Notes English Chapter 1


Here the writer has tried to present a futuristic image of the world before the readers. The writer has presented before us the time of 2157. The writer even mentions a date from the diary of Margie. He has presented his idea with the help of two children Margie and Tommy.

Tommy has found a real book that belonged to her grandfather’s grandfather. Margie’s grandfather had also once told her that there was a time when all stories were printed on paper. In fact, the writer has tried to make us believe that in the future there will be no printed books and no schools. There will be schools that will teach the students online with the help of screens. At that time, the teacher will not be a human being but a mechanical one who will be flashing on the screen.

Margie and Tommy were sitting and reading a book. Tommy had found it in his attic. Margie hates her mechanical teacher a lot. In fact, her teacher is not a living being. Rather, he is an image that flashes on her screen in her study room. He gives her some instructions and she has to obey them. She just solves the sums and puts her papers in a slot. The teacher checks them in no time and tells her the result. She hates her geography teacher a lot. Her failure in geography had invited an inspector who tried to trace out the problem. He was a round little man with a red face. He found that nothing was wrong with the girl rather the screen was too fast for the girl. But Margie was disappointed at this because she was expecting the removal of the teacher.

When Tommy told him that the book was about schools, Margie got confused. She was unable to understand what one could say about schools. She hated her school and her mechanical teacher a lot. Tommy told her that in the old days a person used to be a teacher who would teach all the students in a special building named school. Margie was surprised to hear that. They had not finished even half of the book when Margie’s mother called her.

After that, Margie went to her schoolroom which was next to her bedroom. There she found her mechanical teacher waiting for her. It was always on at that time. The mechanical teacher was going to teach her a lesson on arithmetic. It was about the addition of proper fractions. Margie had no interest in it. Margie was still thinking about the old schools where all the children of the neighborhood would come together under a single roof to study. She was thinking about the fun that they had at the school.

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