The Duck and the Kangaroo Class 9 Notes English Poetry


This is a very interesting poem by Edward Lear. The poem describes the conversation between a duck and a kangaroo. The duck asks the kangaroo how he hops over the land and the water. She tells the Kangaroo that her life has become boring in the nasty pond. The duck expresses his desire to go through the world. She asks the kangaroo to give her a ride on his back. She assures him that he will sit quietly for the whole day while riding the kangaroo. She says that they will go to Dee and Jelly Bo Lee walking over the land and the sea.

Then the kangaroo tells the duck that it will bring him some luck. But he says that he has one objection to it. The wet and cold feet of the duck might give him romantic. At this, the duck says that she will wear worsted socks on his feet and wear a cloak to avoid cold. She further says that he will smoke a cigar also to fight with cold. Then the kangaroo says that he is ready to give the duck a ride. The kangaroo requests the duck to sit at the end of his tail to maintain his balance. After that, they hopped around the world three times. The duck and the kangaroo felt very happy after that.

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