Packing Class 9 Notes English Chapter 7


This story is about the art of packing. The narrator thinks that he is very good at packing. He impressed upon George and Harris that he would manage packing. Both of them readily agreed. George put on a pipe and sat on a sofa. Harris also lit a cigar and sat on a chair. The narrator did not like that. He wanted to supervise the packing and instruct them. But they left the whole of the packing to him. The narrator kept quiet and started packing. But he was irritated by the senseless laughing of George. When he had packed the bag, he was told that he had forgotten his boots. The narrator opened the bag, put the shoes in and when he was about to close it; he was reminded of his toothbrush. The narrator is always haunted by his toothbrush as he often forgets to pack it. He had to turn all the things out of the bag and search for his toothbrush. He found those of George and Harris every time but not his own.

At last, he found his toothbrush in a boot. Then he repacked the bag again. After that, Harris thought that there was not much time left and therefore, he decided to finish it off. Now it was the turn of the narrator to sit back and enjoy, and he really enjoyed that. They started by breaking a cup. Then he saw Harris packing the strawberry jam bottle on the top of a tomato and squashing it. They had to take it out with a spoon. Later on, George placed his foot on butter. They put things behind them, and then couldn’t find them when they wanted them. They put salt over everything. After that, they scraped out the butter and placed it on the chair. Harris sat on it and it stuck to him and they lost it. At last, George noticed it in the pants of Harris. After that, their dog Montmorency also played its role. He came and sat down on things. Then he put his leg into the jam and thinking that the lemons were rats, spoiled three of them. Harris blamed the narrator that he had encouraged the dog. But dogs like him needed no encouragement. They finally finished packing at 12.50. After that, they all went to sleep. After some time they found George sleeping. They placed the bathtub near his bed so that he could tumble into it upon getting out in the morning.

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