No Men Are Foreign Class 9 Notes English Poetry


In this poem, the poet says that no men are strange and no countries are foreign. Under the different uniforms, all human beings are the same. The man-made boundaries are superficial. We all walk on the same earth and after death, all people lie under the same earth. All human beings breathe in a similar manner. All people enjoy the same sun, air, and water. All have similar hands and the labour done by all is also similar. Moreover, the eyes that they possess also wake and sleep like ours.

Therefore, the poet says that when we hate one another, we betray humanity. By raising arms against each other, we defile the earth that belongs to all of us. When we drop bombs on one another, the fire and dust rising from them outrage the innocence of the air that belongs to all of us. Therefore, we should remember that no man is foreign and no country is strange.

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