In the Kingdom of Fools Class 9 Notes English Chapter 4


In the Kingdom of Fools, both the king and the minister were idiots. They didn’t want to run things like other kings, so they decided to change night into day and day into night. They ordered that everyone should be awake at night, till their fields and run their businesses only after dark, and go to bed as soon as the sun came up. Anyone who disobeyed would be punished with death. One day a guru and his disciple arrived in the city. When they felt hungry they found that everything cost the same. The guru realized that it was a kingdom of fools where their lives could be in danger. He advised his disciple to leave that place but his disciple didn’t agree. Then the guru left the kingdom but his disciple stayed there.

One day a thief made a hole in the wall and entered the house. When he was carrying out his loot, the wall of the house collapsed on his head and killed him. Now the thief’s brother complained against the merchant that because of the weak wall his brother had died. So the merchant must be punished for that. The merchant was summoned and he answered that he had not put up the wall but the bricklayer. Then the bricklayer was called who pleaded that a dancing girl was responsible for that. Then that dancing girl was summoned and she replied that she had to walk up and down because she had to take her jewelry from the goldsmith. Now that goldsmith was called upon and he said that he had to finish the order of a rich man. This rich man was the same merchant whose wall had killed the thief. The king ordered him to be executed. But when the servants sharpened the stake, it occurred to the minister that the rich merchant was somehow too thin for the stake. Then the king ordered that a man fat enough to fit the stake must be found. Then the servants caught the disciple to hang him in place of the merchant. At this moment the disciple remembered his guru and prayed to him to save him. His guru saw everything in a vision. He arrived at once and told him something in a whisper. Now they started to quarrel and wanted to die in place of the other. The king and minister asked them the reason for that mess. Then the guru said that as this stake was new, therefore, the person, who would be executed first, would be the king and next would be the minister. The king and the minister had the same wish. Thus, the next day the king and the minister were executed.

When the people came to know about the wisdom of the guru and his disciple, they begged both to be king and their minister respectively. From then on, night would again be night and day would again be the day, and one could not get anything in a duddu and this kingdom became like others.

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