If I Were You Class 9 Notes English Chapter 11


This play is about a criminal. When the curtain rises, Gerrard, the owner is on his phone. Suddenly a criminal enters with a revolver in his hand. As the conversation proceeds between the two, Gerrard comes to know that the intruder has killed a policeman. The police were after him. The intruder asks Gerrard about his car. Then he asks him if people come there. Gerrard tells him that not many people come there. Still, the milkman, baker, and greengrocer come to supply things to him. Then Gerrard asks him about his specialty. The intruder tells him that his specialty is jewel robbery. Suddenly, the intruder tells Gerrard that he is going to shoot him. After his death, the intruder will become V.C. Gerrard. As Gerrard, he will have freedom again.

Then Gerrard asks him if taking the identity of Gerrard will really help him. Then he befools the intruder by saying that he himself was a smuggler. If he shoots him, he will definitely be hanged. If not as himself, he will be hung for being Gerrard. He shows him his gun and the packed bag. He makes the intruder believe him by showing him a disguised outfit like false moustaches etc. He tells the intruder that he was expecting the police and therefore, he has posted a man who will ring him up if he notices the police. Suddenly, the phone bell rings and he asks the intruder to run away with him. He opens a door and asks him to follow him through the garage. He opens the door and the intruder tries to peep out of it. Gerrard grabs the chance and pushes him through the door by snatching his revolver. In fact, that was not a door but a cupboard. He locks him in the cupboard and calls the police. Thus his wits succeed to save Gerrard.

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