NCERT Revision Notes for Class 9 (All Subjects)

The ninth grade is a critical juncture in a student’s academic journey. It sets the foundation for the board examinations in the subsequent years. As a student under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) system, you’re introduced to comprehensive content across various subjects. And while the NCERT textbooks offer a detailed exploration, revising these vast topics can be overwhelming. Enter: NCERT revision notes for Class 9.

Why Opt for NCERT Notes in Class 9?

  1. Solidify Understanding: These notes simplify complex ideas, ensuring a clear conceptual grasp.
  2. Focused Study: Targeted for exam preparation, they emphasize essential points, diagrams, and formulas.
  3. Time Efficiency: Instead of re-reading entire chapters, students can quickly go through key points, making revision swift and effective.

Your Subject-wise Guide to NCERT Revision Notes for Class 9:

  • Class 9 Mathematics Notes: Delve into intricate topics like lines and angles, number systems, and more with precision.
  • Class 9 Science Notes: Covering Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, these notes are your one-stop solution to scientific concepts.
  • Class 9 Social Science Notes: From Indian history to global geography and civic fundamentals, grasp the vastness of this subject efficiently.
  • Class 9 English Notes: Enhance your literature and grammar understanding with concise summaries and crucial points.
  • Class 9 Hindi Notes: Dive deeper into the language, poetry, and prose with these comprehensive notes. (Coming soon)


Class 9 is a preparatory phase for the pivotal years ahead. With a structured approach and the right resources, you can ensure a strong foundation for future academic challenges. These NCERT notes, curated for each subject, aim to make your study sessions more productive and knowledge retention more profound. Navigate through the links above and embark on a seamless revision journey.

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