CBSE Class 12 Odissi Dance Syllabus 2024-25 (PDF Download)

CBSE Class 12 Odissi Dance Syllabus 2024-25


Total Marks: 100
Theory Marks:30
Time-2 Hours
30 Periods

  1. Elementary knowledge about the three styles of Chhau: Mayurbhanj, Seraikella
  2. Brief notes on the lives and contribution of the three Gurus: Guru Pankaj Charan Das, Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and Guru Deba PrasadDas.
  3. Elementary introduction to the texts; Natya Shastra, Abhinaya Darpana, and Abhinaya Chandrika: a) Identification of the author (approximate date) b) Basic overview of the broad areas covered in the context of each text. c) Myths regarding the origin of dance according to eachtext.
  4. Basic understanding of the term ABHINAYA and definition of its four aspects: angika, vachika, aharya andsattvik.
  5. Rasa: Definition and short explanation of the
  6. Short notes on:
    1. The Aharya
    2. The music accompaniment
  1. Brief explanation of the following terms: (Unit IV Class XI)
    1. Nritta, Nritya andNatya
    2. Matra, Laya, Taal, Avartana, Vibhaga(Anga)
    3. Tandava and Lasya d) Natyadharmi and Lokdharmi
  1. Write some names of Folk Dances of Odisha

Odissi Dance


Practical Marks:70
100 Periods

  1. Learning and practice of onePallavi:
    1. Definition of the term
    2. Demonstration of theitem.
    3. Recitation of the ukutas of the item
    4. Identification of the Raga, Taal and the Choreographer of
    5. Identification of the hastas and the bhangis used in
  2. Ability to show different Paad bhedas
  3. Practice of Patak Hasta Mudra Viniyog acc to AbhinayaDarpan

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