Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Class 12 Notes Physics Chapter 11

Chapter at a Glance

1. For photo-emission to take place, energy of light photons should be the work function of the metal

2. Einstein’s photoelectric equation

3. At a certain value V electrons having maximum kinetic energy also get stopped and current in the circuit becomes zero is called the stopping potential.

5. The kinetic energy of a photoelectron depends only on the frequency of incident light and not on the intensity of light.
6. The number of photoelectrons and hence photoelectric current depends only on the intensity of incident light and not on the frequency.
7. X-rays are electromagnetic waves of high energy, high frequency and low wavelength.

11. Varying filament voltage can vary the intensity of X-rays produced in an X-ray tube.
12. X-rays emitted from an X-ray tube fall under two types: (1) Continuous X-rays : Their wavelength depends on the accelerating voltage (2) Characteristic X-rays: Their wavelength depends on the material of the target. Moseley’s law gives the wavelength of characteristics radiation.

16. Every matter particle having some linear momentum is associated with a wave called matter wave or de-broglie wave.

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