Class 11 Biology Notes (Chapter-wise PDF)

Class 11 Biology introduces students to the wonders of life, from cells to ecosystems. As students explore the diversity of living organisms and the intricacies of biological systems, a systematic revision plan becomes essential. NCERT revision notes for Class 11 Biology serve as an invaluable guide, offering chapter-wise insights, simplifying complex concepts, and directing students toward a more profound understanding of each biological domain.

The Significance of NCERT Notes in Class 11 Biology:

  1. Chapter-wise Precision: Delve into specific chapters for an in-depth exploration of fundamental biological principles.
  2. Conceptual Distillation: Complex theories and experiments distilled into manageable portions, ensuring clarity.
  3. Exam Emphasis: Align your revision with examination requirements, focusing on key theories, experiments, and biological processes.
  4. Time Efficiency: Streamlined revision allows for effective time management and comprehensive coverage of biological disciplines.

Chapter-wise NCERT Notes for Class 11 Biology:

  1. The Living World: Grasp the fundamentals of living organisms, classification, and nomenclature. Click for Chapter 1 Notes.
  2. Biological Classification: Explore the systematic arrangement of living organisms into different taxonomic categories. Click for Chapter 2 Notes.
  3. Plant Kingdom: Understand the diversity and characteristics of plant life. Click for Chapter 3 Notes.
  4. Animal Kingdom: Delve into the diverse world of animals, their classification, and characteristics. Click for Chapter 4 Notes.
  5. Morphology of Flowering Plants: Explore the external structures of flowering plants. Click for Chapter 5 Notes.
  6. Anatomy of Flowering Plants: Understand the internal structures and tissues of flowering plants. Click for Chapter 6 Notes.
  7. Structural Organisation in Animals: Grasp the structural organization of various animal tissues and organs. Click for Chapter 7 Notes.
  8. Cell – The Unit of Life: Explore the fundamental unit of life, its structure, and functions. Click for Chapter 8 Notes.
  9. Biomolecules: Understand the various biomolecules essential for life processes. Click for Chapter 9 Notes.
  10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division: Delve into the processes of cell division and the cell cycle. Click for Chapter 10 Notes.
  11. Transport in Plants: Explore the mechanisms of water and nutrient transport in plants. Click for Chapter 11 Notes.
  12. Mineral Nutrition: Understand the role of minerals in plant growth and development. Click for Chapter 12 Notes.
  13. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants: Grasp the principles of photosynthesis in higher plants. Click for Chapter 13 Notes.
  14. Respiration in Plants: Explore the process of respiration in plants and its significance. Click for Chapter 14 Notes.
  15. Plant Growth and Development: Understand the various phases of plant growth and development. Click for Chapter 15 Notes.
  16. Digestion and Absorption: Delve into the processes of digestion and nutrient absorption in animals. Click for Chapter 16 Notes.


Class 11 Biology is not just a subject; it’s a journey into the living world. NCERT revision notes, structured chapter-wise, serve as a guide through the diverse realms of cells, organisms, and biological processes. Embark on this biological odyssey, chapter by chapter, to fortify your understanding and confidently face the challenges of biological exploration.