CBSE Class 10 Maths Notes (Chapter-wise PDF)

As Class 10 students delve into the world of advanced mathematics, a strategic and focused approach to revision becomes essential. While NCERT textbooks lay the groundwork, the expansive nature of the subject demands a more targeted study plan. NCERT revision notes for Class 10 Mathematics serve as a valuable resource, offering chapter-wise insights, simplifying complex concepts, and guiding students toward a more profound understanding of each mathematical realm.

The Crucial Role of NCERT Notes in Class 10 Mathematics:

  1. Chapter-wise Precision: Delve into specific chapters for an in-depth exploration of advanced mathematical concepts.
  2. Conceptual Distillation: Complex theorems and problems distilled into manageable portions, ensuring a solid conceptual grasp.
  3. Exam Emphasis: Align your revision with examination requirements, focusing on key formulas and critical concepts.
  4. Time Efficiency: Streamlined revision allows for effective time management and comprehensive coverage of mathematical disciplines.

Embark on a Mathematical Odyssey with Chapter-wise NCERT Revision Notes for Class 10:

  1. Real Numbers: Grasp the fundamentals of real numbers, rational and irrational numbers. Click for Chapter 1 Notes.
  2. Polynomials: Dive into the world of algebraic expressions, factors, and polynomials. Click for Chapter 2 Notes.
  3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables: Understand the principles of linear equations and their graphical representations. Click for Chapter 3 Notes.
  4. Quadratic Equations: Explore the solutions of quadratic equations and their applications. Click for Chapter 4 Notes.
  5. Arithmetic Progressions: Navigate the intricacies of arithmetic progressions and their properties. Click for Chapter 5 Notes.
  6. Triangles: Unravel the properties and theorems related to triangles. Click for Chapter 6 Notes.
  7. Coordinate Geometry: Explore the Cartesian plane and coordinate geometry concepts. Click for Chapter 7 Notes.
  8. Introduction to Trigonometry: Grasp the basics of trigonometry, including sine, cosine, and tangent. Click for Chapter 8 Notes.
  9. Some Applications of Trigonometry: Apply trigonometric concepts to solve real-world problems. Click for Chapter 9 Notes.
  10. Circles: Understand the properties and theorems related to circles. Click for Chapter 10 Notes.
  11. Constructions: Explore geometric constructions using a compass and straightedge. Click for Chapter 11 Notes.
  12. Areas Related to Circles: Grasp the concepts of areas related to circles and their applications. Click for Chapter 12 Notes.
  13. Surface Areas and Volumes: Navigate through problems related to surface areas and volumes of different shapes. Click for Chapter 13 Notes.
  14. Statistics: Understand the basics of statistics, including mean, median, and mode. Click for Chapter 14 Notes.
  15. Probability: Explore the fundamentals of probability and its applications. Click for Chapter 15 Notes.


Class 10 Mathematics is not just a subject; it’s a foundation for advanced mathematical concepts in the coming years. Enhance your learning experience with NCERT revision notes, designed to cater to each chapter’s nuances. Embark on this mathematical journey, chapter by chapter, to fortify your understanding and confidently face the challenges of mathematical exploration.

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