The Thief’s Story Class 10 Notes


In this story, Hari Singh, the narrator is a thief. Here, he tells us how he managed to befriend his new victim named Anil. Anil is around 25 years old, lean and tall. He is kind-hearted. Hari Singh approached him and introduced himself to Anil. Anil did not show much interest in him. After some time, Hari Singh told Anil that he wanted to work for him. Anil said that he could not pay him for that. At this Hari Singh asked him if he could feed him. Then Anil asked him if he could cook. Hari Singh lied that he could cook. Anil took him to his room but when Hari Singh cooked food, it was so bad that Anil had to throw that food to the street dog. But he did not rebuke him for that. Rather, he smiled and said that he would teach him how to cook. He also promised him that he would teach him how to read and write. Hari Singh felt very happy. He started earning money by cheating one or two rupees in the daily purchase of the vegetables. But Anil never seemed to be concerned about that. Anil did not have any regular income. He would borrow one week and lend the next week. He was always worried about the next cheque and as soon as it arrived, he would go out and celebrate. One evening he came back with a small bundle of notes. Hari Singh happened to see that bundle under the mattress of Anil. He planned to steal the same and at night he fled with the money to catch the train. But conscience stopped him from doing so and he missed the train. He came out of the station. Suddenly, it started raining heavily and he got wet. It was very cold outside. After rethinking for a long time, he decided to go back. He thought about Anil. He thought that he could no longer cook for Anil, and would not be able to learn how to write full sentences. This changed his heart and he went back to Anil. He placed the money under the mat again and went to sleep. In the morning, he woke up late and found that Anil had already made the tea. He gave Hari Singh a fifty rupee note which was still wet with the rain. Hari Singh came to know that his theft had been discovered.

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