The Tale of Custard the Dragon Ogden Nash Class 10 Notes


This poem is about a little girl named Belinda and the pets that she has in her home named White House. The pets that live with them are a little kitten named Ink, a gray-colored mouse named Blink, a little yellow-colored dog named Mustard, and a coward dragon named Custard. The dragon had sharp teeth, spikes on his scales, and sharp nails like daggers. Belinda and all her pets except Custard were very brave. All the other pets used to sit on the red wagon and laugh at the dragon. All used to make fun of his cowardice. Suddenly a pirate enters the house through the window. He had pistols in both hands and was holding a sword in his teeth. Belinda turns pale due to fear and starts crying for help. But all the pets flee from there and hide then the coward dragon shows bravery and comes for help. This incident proves the bravery of the dragon and it becomes clear that all others are cowards. Then other pets celebrate and Belinda hugs the dragon. After that, the other pets again start boasting of their bravery saying that they were two or three times more brave than the dragon. But now everybody knows the facts as to who is brave and who is a coward.