The Midnight Visitor Robert Class 10 Notes


Ausable is a detective in the story. Fowler is a person who has come with Ausable to write a book on detectives. Ausable does not match any details that Fowler has read in the books about the detectives. But he still comes along with Ausable to his room to see the truth. When they enter the room, and Ausable switches the light on, Fowler is thrilled. They find another person named Max inside the room with a gun in his hand. Max looks like a fox and he takes the two men at his gunpoint. Max tells Ausable that he has come to take the report about the missiles from him. He tells Ausable that the report will be safer in his hands. At this Ausable walks to an armchair and sits in it heavily. He says that he will fight with the hotel management for the nuisance caused by the balcony near his window. Max says that he did not know about the balcony. At this Ausable tells him in detail about the balcony. Then he tells that last month also someone has entered through the balcony in his room. At that time the management had assured me that they would solve this problem. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Ausable says that it might be the police. At this Max also gets frightened. Soon, the door is knocked again. Max asks Ausable to send the police away. He tells them that he will wait outside on the balcony. But if Ausable tries to tell the police about him, he will shoot them all. As soon as the door knob turns, Max jumps out of the window on to the balcony. As he jumps, they hear him fall and he cries loudly. As the door opens, a waiter comes in with two glasses and a bottle of wine in a tray. Fowler, who has grown pale with fear, asks about the police. Ausable says that there was no police. Then Fowler asks about the man at the balcony. At this Ausable says that he will never come now as there is no balcony outside and they are on the sixth floor.

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