The Hundred Dresses-I Class 10 Notes

Wanda Petronski was a polish girl who went to school with American children. She used to sit in a corner of Room no. 13 where dull boys used to sit. She hardly spoke to anybody. She did not have any friends but many girls were found talking to her. She was very poor. She always used to wear a faded blue dress. There were some naughty girls in the class who used to make fun of her dress. Their names were Peggy and Maddie. Once Peggy asked Wanda how many dresses she had. Wanda replied that she had a hundred dresses, all lined up in her closet. Peggy was a rich girl. She used to make fun of Wanda but she was not cruel at heart. She always used to protect small children from bullies. Maddie was a poor girl. She was also poor like Wanda and used to wear old clothes. That is why she never used to make fun of Wanda. But she did not stop others from making fun of Wanda.

Peggy was good at drawing also. She used to tease Wanda while going and coming back from school. She used to ask Wanda the same silly question every time. When she would reply the question, then all the girls used to laugh heartily at her. They used to tease her by asking as why she used to wear only that one dress when she had 100 in her closet. They even started asking her as how many pair of shoes she had. Due to this, Wanda stopped coming to the school. The students did not take much notice of it. When the result of the drawing competition was declared, Wanda came out to be winner of the competition. She had submitted hundred different designs while other girls had submitted only one or two.

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