The Book That Saved the Earth Class 10 Notes







The play ‘The Book That Saved the Earth’ is full of imagination. In it, the different characters like Think-Tank, Noodle, Oop, Omega etc play as the Martian living beings. The time set of the play is the 25th century. When the play begins in the Scene–1, the historian is telling us about an invasion in 2040 that was avoided due to a book named ‘Mother Goose’. The play tells us in detail how the book successfully saved the Earth from Martian invasion. ThinkTank who is the mightiest and the most brilliant among all the Martians is the commander-in-chief. He even has a magical mirror to see the different things. Think-Tank conducts the manned space probe in order to ask them their position. The crew in the probe replies that they have landed at a peculiar place on the earth. At this Think-Tank asks them to show him the place closely. In fact, they were in a library full of different books. But they fail to understand where they are. Then Think-Tank tries to show his intelligence and tells his crew that the thing in question was a sandwich.

A sandwich is an edible thing prepared with two breads stuffed with some filling. Then one of the crew members even eats the corner of a book to confirm the views of Think-Tank. After some time Noodle suggests Think-Tank that it was not for eating but for communication with ears. Then all the crew members start listening to the books by placing their ears near them. But they hear nothing. After some time Noodle again suggests Think-Tank that it was not for ear communication but for eyes communication. Then they open the books and try to read them. But they fail to understand the language. Then Omega opens a big volume of ‘Mother Goose’ and tries to read it. He says that he is not able to decipher the codes used in the sandwich. Think-Tank is now alarmed as he finds that the Earthlings are no longer primitives. Noodle asks Think-Tank if the chemical department has given them the vitamins to increase intelligence. Then Think-Tank orders them to take the vitamins to increase intelligence and then read the sandwiches. Suddenly the crew finds that they are able to read the book. As Oop starts reading the book of nursery rhymes to Think-Tank, he feels troubled. He leaves the idea of invading Earth. Instead, he tries to save himself from the invasion of the Earthlings. He orders his crew to leave the Earth at once and he runs to safety a hundred million miles away from Mars itself. Thus, a simple book saved the Earth from the invasion of Mars.

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