From the Diary of Anne Frank Class 10 Notes

This story is an extract from Anne Frank’s diary. She is telling about her past. The diary takes us to June 12, 1942. The narrator tells us about the different incidents of her life. First she remembers the days when she started writing the diary and named it Kitty. She considers her diary as a close friend in whom she can confide and tell everything. She remembers the days when her mother and father married each other. Then she remembers the birth of her sister Margot.

Then the narrator tells us about the illness of her grand mother and her sad demise. She also tells us how her birthdays were celebrated. She also tells us about the day when her results were to be declared. Everybody in the class was frightened including the narrator as she herself was weak in mathematics. This is the reason that she has called the teachers as the most unpredictable creatures on earth.

Then the narrator tells us about her mathematics teacher, Mr. Keesing. He remains annoyed with Anne. He assigns an essay on ‘‘Chatterbox” to Anne as homework. This essay was given as punishment to Anne as she used to chat a lot in the class. The innocent Anne writes the essay and gives a simple reason for chatting in the class so much. She writes in the essay that she had inherited that trait from her mother and there was nothing much she could do about inherited traits.

As the narrator kept chatting in the next class also, Mr. Keesing assigned her another essay as class work entitled—‘Quack, Quack, Quack, said Mistress Chatterbox’.” Her friend Sanne helped her write that essay in verse. Anne finished her poem with a touching story in it. The duck killed his ducklings only because they used to quack so much. This incident changed Mr. Keesing’s attitude and he stopped punishing Anne.

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