Footprints without Feet Class 10 Notes


The story begins with a chase of footprints of an invisible man in the streets of London. The footprints were of a brilliant but lawless scientist named Griffin. His landlord did not like him much and wanted to eject him. Griffin discovered a rare drug, the swallowing of which makes him invisible. After that he set fire to the landlord’s house and becomes a homeless wanderer. Then he faces the cold weather of London and feels the need of clothes and food. He slips inside a big London store for the want of warmth and food. As soon as the store was closed, he enjoyed a good meal and wore new clothes. Then he fell asleep and woke up late in the morning. The store attendants gave him a chase but he again became invisible by removing his clothes. Then he entered a theatrical company where he dressed up again and looted some money from its shopkeeper. Then he left London in order to keep himself away from the crowded city. He caught a train to Iping village and hired a room at the inn in that village. The money of the loot did not last long and he again had to rob a clergyman of his money. However, he made a clean escape from the clergyman’s house. At the same time the Innkeeper and his wife visited his room and they found nobody inside. But the chair and other things in the room became alive. First of all, the hat lying on the bedpost leapt up and dashed itself on the face of the landlady. Then the chair became animate and it threw the innkeeper and his wife out of the room. They heard the room locked from inside behind them. Mr and Mrs Hall, the owners, thought that it was a matter of witchcraft. But very popular became the news of robbery at the clergyman’s house. Everybody suspected the scientist. The suspicion grew even stronger when he produced some ready cash whereas he had accepted some time before that he had no money. The village constable was sent for. Mrs Hall, instead of waiting for the constable, went to the scientist who came out of the locked empty bedroom. The eccentric scientist lost his temper when he faced questions from Mrs Hall. He threw off the bandages and spectacles and false nose. This made his head invisible. All were frightened. When the constable, Mr Jaffers, reached there he saw that he had to arrest a man without a head. But he gave importance to his duty and tried to get hold of the headless person. But Griffin outsmarted him by throwing away his clothes again. He became invisible and knocked down the constable out of senses. The people who tried to help the constable had to face blows from nowhere. Thus he again escaped from the scene unnoticed.

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