A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Notes


Tricki was a small dog. His mistress Mrs Pumphrey was very rich. Her overfeeding the dog made him very fat and ill. Now she brought the dog to the narrator who runs a dog clinic. He advised Mrs Pumphrey to control his diet but she failed to do so. The narrator knew that the dog was in danger and he started waiting for the phone call from her. One day he received a phone call from her. She was very frightened. She told him that Tricki was not eating anything now. The narrator reached her house. He noticed that Tricki was very ill. He decided to take the dog with him to his clinic. When he put the dog in his car Mrs Pumphrey almost fainted and started weeping. The servants placed different things of the dog in his car like beds, bowls, toys, fur coats etc. When the narrator found that the car was too small for these things to accommodate, he started driving. Mrs Pumphrey shrieked. When he reached his clinic, other dogs tried to be familiar with the dog. For the first two days he gave the dog nothing to eat except water. On the third day the dog started showing some signs of improvement as he responded to the sounds of the other dogs. Tricki started following the other dogs. At night, when food was served to the other dogs, Tricki also reached there and started jostling for the food. Like this, he became quite active in one week. Now Mrs Pumphrey started sending eggs and wine to improve the health of the dog. Now the narrator had a golden chance to celebrate with two eggs in the breakfast and some glasses of wine at lunch. And brandy at night added to the pleasure. Now the narrator thought of keeping the dog with him forever as a permanent guest. But it was not possible. Therefore, after a fortnight, the narrator was compelled to call Mrs Pumphrey to collect the dog. Within a few minutes Mrs Pumphrey arrived there in a long gleaming luxurious car to receive the dog. She felt very happy when she saw her dog playing. Now Tricki was out of danger and quite healthy. Her lips trembled and eyes were wet with tears. She only uttered, ‘‘Oh, Mr Herriot, how can I ever thank you? This is a triumph of surgery!’’

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