A Question of Trust Class 10 Notes


This is a story about a robber named Horace Danby. He was about fifty-years old. He was unmarried. He had hay fever. He used to make locks. He used to break one safe every year in order to arrange money for his hobby of rare and expensive books. He would steal once in a year for the books and then he would purchase books of his choice. He chose a house at Shotover Grange for his next robbery. He studied the house looking at its rooms, its electrical wiring etc. There was a jewellery of around fifteen thousand pound in the safe of this house. The money after the sale of these jewels would bring him enough money for his books. One day he saw the servants going to movie and he planned to enter the house. With his tool on his back, he entered inside the house. But the flowers on the table made his nose tickle and he sneezed. Then he put on his gloves and started working for robbery. When he was trying to break open the safe, another young lady appeared there. She told that she was the wife of the owner. She told him that her husband was away. Horace got frightened and started begging her pardon. He hated prison very much. Finally, the two reached a deal. The deal was that Horace would break open the safe and hand over the jewellery to the lady for the night party and she would let him go. Horace agreed. But he removed his gloves and then he starts his work thinking that the lady was really the wife of the owner. Thus his fingerprints were left all over the house. He makes a promise to the lady that he will never rob again. He handed over the jewellery to the young lady and went home. But after some days, he again started planning a robbery to fulfill his desire of having rare books. But he could not implement his plans as a policeman came to arrest him. His finger prints were found all over the house and his plea that the owner’s wife had asked him to break the safe went unheard in the court of law. The owner’s wife was a old woman who said that he was a liar and he was sent to prison. Now, Horace is an assistant librarian in the prison. He often thinks of the sweet young lady in red dress who played as owner’s wife and tricked him. He gets very angry when any one talks about the ‘honour among thieves’.

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