A Letter to God Class 10 Notes


This story is about a hardworking farmer named Lencho. He had firm faith in God. His house was on a low hill where he used to work in his fields. He was expecting a good corn harvest from his fields. But his fields were in need of some rains. Lencho was looking at the sky expecting rains. He was having his meals when it started raining. He became very happy. He told his wife that they would certainly get some water now for their fields. But all of a sudden, the rain changed into a hailstorm. The hailstorm destroyed the whole crop.

The garden, the fields, the hillside – all seemed to be covered with salt. Hails had left not even a single leaf on the trees. His heart was filled with sadness. His corn was totally ruined. He spoke to his family that they would go hungry this year. He was deeply troubled at heart. He said that there was nobody to help them. He could expect help only from God. Then he said that people say, ‘‘no one dies of hunger.’’ He believed that the eyes of God see everything and He would never let them starve.

The following Sunday Lencho went to the post office. He demanded paper and pen and he wrote a letter to God. He wrote, ‘‘God, if you don’t help me, my family and I will go hungry this year. I need a hundred peso to sow my field again and to live until the crop comes. The hailstorm has destroyed everything.’’ He addressed that letter to God. He affixed the stamp on the envelope and dropped it into the mailbox.

A postman took out this letter from the mailbox to deliver it. When he saw the address he laughed heartily as he had never known that address. He showed it to the Post Master who also laughed at it. But soon he became serious and decided to help Lencho to retain his faith in God. But when he opened the letter, he came to know that he could not do it alone. He collected some money from his friends and the staff. But he could not collect hundred pesos. He could collect only seventy pesos and sent it to Lencho.

Next Sunday Lencho reached the post office and received that letter. When he counted the money, he became angry. He wrote to God that he had received only seventy pesos. He asked God to send him the balance money as he needed that. But he asked him not to send it by mail as the Post Master and his employees were a bunch of crooks.

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