NCERT Solutions for class 10th English Poetry Animals



Que1. Notice the use of the word ‘turn’ in the first line, ‘‘I think I could turn and live with animals…’’. What is the poet turning from?

Ans. The poet is turning from human beings when he finds them complicated and false. He likes to live with animals because he feels more at home with them.

Que 2. Mention three things that humans do and animals don’t.

Ans. Humans complain about their condition. They remain awake at night repenting of their sins. They make us sick when discussing their duty to God. Animals don’t do any of these things.

Que 3. Do human beings kneel to other humans who lived thousands of years ago?

Ans. Yes, we kneel to human beings who lived thousands of years ago. We remember and worship those great souls in different fields who made man what he is today.

Que 4. What are ‘tokens’ that the poet says he may have dropped long ago and which the animals have kept for him?

Ans. These ‘tokens’ are those qualities, values, and virtues that man had when he lived in the lap of nature. These qualities are simplicity, innocence, contentment, etc. But civilization has made false to its own true nature. He has become materialistic and bade goodbye to those virtues and values. Now animals possess these qualities instead of man.

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