CBSE Skill Education Books: A Comprehensive Guide

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched skill education courses for students ranging from classes 6 to 12, aiming to develop their skills and competencies in diverse domains such as health and wellness, digital technology, entrepreneurship, and media. To provide students with the required theoretical and practical knowledge, CBSE has published skill education books for each course, which can be accessed and downloaded for free on the CBSE website.

Skill Education Books: Structure and Content

CBSE skill education books are meticulously designed to enable students to grasp the concepts and skills relevant to their chosen domain. They incorporate activities, projects, case studies, and assessments to evaluate students’ learning outcomes effectively. These books adhere to the National Education Policy 2020 and the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) while following the pedagogical principles of experiential learning, integration, and interdisciplinarity.

Benefits of CBSE Skill Education Books

The CBSE skill education books serve as a valuable resource for students seeking skill-based learning to enhance their employability and career prospects. They also assist teachers in planning and delivering effective skill education in their classrooms. Overall, CBSE skill education books contribute to making education more relevant, holistic, and future-oriented for Indian students.

Download CBSE Skill Education E-Books

CBSE Skill Education e-books can be viewed and downloaded for free from the official CBSE website. Students can access e-books of skill education subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Beauty and Wellness, Financial Markets Management, and more for classes 6 to 12.

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