Circulars- 2015

Circular No. Month
Acad-54/2015 September CBSE Expression Series 5th -6th September, 2015 |  Circular  |  Online Submission
Acad-53/2015 August Availability of Supplementary material on Provisions of the Companies Act(amended) Act 2013 and their impact |  Circular on Guidance Notes  |  Accountancy(Annexure A)  |  Business Studies(Annexure B)  |  Entrepreneurship(Annexure C)
Acad-52/2015 August National Talent Search Examination (2015-16) Conducted by NCERT
Acad-51/2015 August Celebration of Sanskrit Week-2015
Acad-50/2015 August Conduct of Summative Assessment-I for Classes IX and X (Academic Session 2015-2016)
Acad-49/2015 August CBSE Expression Series 26th - 27th August, 2015 |  Circular  |  Topics
Acad-48/2015 August 125th Birth Anniversary Of Dr B R Ambedkar : Conduct Of A Mock Parliament In Schools
Acad-47/2015 August NEW DELHI WORLD BOOK FAIR 2016
Acad-45/2015 August CBSE Expression Series 13th - 14th August, 2015 |  Circular  |  Topics
Acad-44/2015 August XI Painting Competition on Energy Conservation 2015
Acad-43/2015 July The CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2015 Circular
Acad-42/2015 July Clarification regarding Curriculum Of Subject E-typewriting /E-publishing and E- Office (Code 354) for class IX and X for the session 2015-16 Circular | Annexure
Acad-41/2015 July Use of Textbooks by school other than NCERT books and excessive use of books published by private publishers
Acad-40/2015 July Cancellation of Training Program on Financial Market Management
Acad-39/2015 July Availability of textbook of French for class X (w.e.f. 2015-16)
Acad-38/2015 July CBSE In-Service Training Programmes through Centres of Excellence   Circular | Jurisdiction | Contact Details
Acad-37/2015 July World Skills Day-2015
Acad-36/2015 July Capacity building program in Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technologies by ISRO
Acad-35/2015 July Curriculum of subject Multimedia and Web Technology (067) for class XI and XII (session 2015-16).
Acad-34/2015 July Aavishkar Quiz Series-9th July, 2015
Acad-33/2015 July New Publication  Circular | Project Based Learning E-Book | Environmental Education Manual for Classes I to V  | Environmental Education Manual for Classes VI to VIII  | Guidelines for Practical Work in Accounting and Practical Work in Computerized Accounting
Acad-32/2015 July Digital India CELEBRATION 2015
Acad-31/2015 July Mandatory appointment of a special educator in all the schools affiliated to CBSE Circular |  Annexure
Acad-30/2015 July CBSE Expression Series 2015-16  |  Topic  |  Result
Acad-29/2015 June List of Agencies empanelled by CBSE for conducting various Capacity Building Programmes for its affiliated schools Circular | List
Acad-28/2015 June IGNITE-2015 (A Campaign to Harness Creativity & Innovation)
Acad-27/2015 June World Day Against Child Labour-2015
Acad-26/2015 May World No Tobacco Day-2015 English | Hindi
Acad-25/2015 May One day Sensitisation Workshop on Vocational Education
Acad-24/2015 May Introduction of Financial Market Management as a Vocational Course English  | Hindi
Acad-23/2015 May World Environment Day-2015 English  | Hindi
Acad-22/2015 May Constitution of School Inclusion Committee English  | Hindi
Acad-21/2015 May 19th Czech Music Camp for Youth English  | Hindi
Acad-20/2015 May Advisory on NCERT Books Piracy English  | Hindi
Acad-19/2015 May CBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest 2015  Hindi | English
Acad-18/2015 March Highlights of Curriculum Document 2015-16 for the examination to be held in March, 2016
Acad-17/2015 March Guidelines for prevention of Bullying and Ragging in Schools, Reg: (D.O. No. 12-19/2012-RMSA-I)  Hindi | English
Acad-16/2015 March National ICT awards for school teachers-2015  Hindi | English | Annexure-I
Acad-15/2015 February Verification of Evidence of Assessments (EAs) of Class IX/X students for Term-II of the Academic Session 2014-2015   Hindi  |   English
Acad-14/2015 February Conduct of Summative Assessment (SA-II) for classes IX and X for schools offering Vocational subject/s (compulsory or optional)   Hindi |   English
Acad-13/2015 February Celebrating Matribhasha Diwas (Mother Tongue Day) on 21st February 2015 Hindi  |   English
Acad-12/2015 February New Delhi World Book Fair- 2015    Hindi  |   English
Acad-11/2015 February Integrating Co-Scholastic Activities in Teaching at Upper Primary Level
Hindi   |   English
Acad-10/2015 January CBSE Schools Film Making Competition 2015 on ‘The Marvels Of North East India’    Hindi  |   Annexure I & II  |   English  |   Annexure I & II
Acad-09/2015 January Streamlining the process of selecting the training programmes and the empanelled agencies for various capacity building programmes
Hindi  |   English
Acad-08/2015 January Conduct of Optional Proficiency Test for class X students    Hindi  |   English
Acad-07/2015 January Essay Writing Competition from 21st to 28th January 2015 to celebrate the birthdays of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Lala Lajpat Rai
Hindi  |   English  |   Topics  |   Result
Acad-06/2015 January Conduct of Summative Assessment-II for Classes IX and X (Academic Session 2014-2015)    Hindi  |   English
Acad-05/2015 January Conduct of activities for popularization of Thirukkural's Messages and Expression Series on ‘Thiruvalluvar Today’ from 15th to 20th January, 2015  |   Themes  |   Result
Acad-04/2015 January CBSE Expression Series on Swami Vivekananda on 12th January, 2015
   Hindi  |   English  |   Topics  |   Result
Acad-03/2015 January Display board in Hindi and English languages for Tobacco Free Educational Institutions    Hindi  |   English  |   Annexure-1
Acad-02/2015 January Observance of 26th Road Safety Week from 11th to 17th January, 2015
Hindi  |   English

Acad-01/2015 January New Year Greetings 2015!    Hindi  |   English

Notifications- 2015

Notification No Month
16 September Interaction of Hon'ble Prime Minister of India with School Children on September 4th, 2015
15 August National Level Painting & Essay Writing Competitions 2015 on Petroleum & Oil Conservation
14 August Academic Calendar 2015-16
13 August Financial Education Training Program (FETP) for CBSE school teachers  |  Annexure-A  |  Annexure-B
12 August Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
11 July English: Feedback Regarding Prescribed Novels & OTBA
10 June Creation of a Cadre of Master Trainers/Trainers
09 May CBSE-TERI 'GREEN Olympiad' - 2015    Registration Form
08 February Uploading of ASL-SA-II/ Final Exam 2014-15
07 February Uploading of three ASL Videos with Rationale as Samples and Requisition from CBSE affiliated Schools to Upload One ASL video on CBSE Channel @YouTube
06 February Selection of Cadre of CBSE Certified Peer Assessors for School Quality Assessment and Accreditation
05 January Last date of submission of ASL for SA II data IX, X & final examination in class XI [2014-2015]    Hindi  |   English
04 January Inviting articles for CENBOSEC (Vol. 54 No. 1: Jan-March 2015)
Hindi  |   English
  | Annexure: A
03 January Extension of date for uploading the report of Road Safety Week
Hindi  |   English
02 January CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad- 2014 Result    Hindi  |   English
01 January Telecast of 14th All India Heritage Quiz    Hindi  |   English

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