Circulars- 2015

Circular No. Month
Acad-64/2015 September CBSE Expression Series on Mahatma Gandhi
Acad-63/2015 September Curriculum of subject Mathematics (041) for class IX (session 2015-16).
Acad-62/2015 September CBSE Expression Series on Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya
Acad-61/2015 September CBSE and India-Africa Forum Summit 2015 Creative Expression Contest
Acad-60/2015 September CBSE Science Exhibition -2015-16 |  Circular  |  Annexure  |  Apply Online
Acad-59/2015 September Conduct of CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad, 2015 Circular  |  Brochure
Acad-58/2015 September Geospatial portal "School-Bhuvan-NCERT"
Acad-57/2015 September Golden Jubilee Commemoration of the Indo-Pak War 1965

For further clarification if any, please contact at:0121-2667522, 18001803401(IVRS)
Acad-56/2015 September CBSE Expression Series 11th -12th September, 2015
Acad-55/2015 September Self-Defence for Girls(Classes I to X)
Acad-54/2015 September CBSE Expression Series 5th -6th September, 2015 |  Circular
Acad-53/2015 August Availability of Supplementary material on Provisions of the Companies Act(amended) Act 2013 and their impact |  Circular on Guidance Notes  |  Accountancy(Annexure A)  |  Business Studies(Annexure B)  |  Entrepreneurship(Annexure C)
Acad-52/2015 August National Talent Search Examination (2015-16) Conducted by NCERT
Acad-51/2015 August Celebration of Sanskrit Week-2015
Acad-50/2015 August Conduct of Summative Assessment-I for Classes IX and X (Academic Session 2015-2016)
Acad-49/2015 August CBSE Expression Series 26th - 27th August, 2015 |  Circular  |  Topics
Acad-48/2015 August 125th Birth Anniversary Of Dr B R Ambedkar : Conduct Of A Mock Parliament In Schools
Acad-47/2015 August NEW DELHI WORLD BOOK FAIR 2016
Acad-46/2015 August Verification of Evidence of Assessments (EAs) of Class IX/X students for Term I of the Academic Session 2015-2016
Acad-45/2015 August CBSE Expression Series 13th - 14th August, 2015 |  Circular  |  Topics
Acad-44/2015 August XI Painting Competition on Energy Conservation 2015
Acad-43/2015 July The CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2015 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-42/2015 July Clarification regarding Curriculum Of Subject E-typewriting /E-publishing and E- Office (Code 354) for class IX and X for the session 2015-16 |  Circular English |  Circular Hindi |  Annexure
Acad-41/2015 July Use of Textbooks by school other than NCERT books and excessive use of books published by private publishers |  English |  Hindi
Acad-40/2015 July Cancellation of Training Program on Financial Market Management |  English |  Hindi
Acad-39/2015 July Availability of textbook of French for class X (w.e.f. 2015-16) |  English |  Hindi
Acad-38/2015 July CBSE In-Service Training Programmes through Centres of Excellence   Circular | Jurisdiction | Contact Details
Acad-37/2015 July World Skills Day-2015 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-36/2015 July Capacity building program in Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technologies by ISRO |  English |  Hindi
Acad-35/2015 July Curriculum of subject Multimedia and Web Technology (067) for class XI and XII (session 2015-16). |  English |  Hindi
Acad-34/2015 July Aavishkar Quiz Series-9th July, 2015  |  English |  Hindi
Acad-33/2015 July New Publication  Circular | Project Based Learning E-Book | Environmental Education Manual for Classes I to V  | Environmental Education Manual for Classes VI to VIII  | Guidelines for Practical Work in Accounting and Practical Work in Computerized Accounting
Acad-32/2015 July Digital India CELEBRATION 2015
Acad-31/2015 July Mandatory appointment of a special educator in all the schools affiliated to CBSE Circular |  Annexure
Acad-30/2015 July CBSE Expression Series 2015-16  |  Topic  |  Result
Acad-29/2015 June List of Agencies empanelled by CBSE for conducting various Capacity Building Programmes for its affiliated schools Circular | List
Acad-28/2015 June IGNITE-2015 (A Campaign to Harness Creativity & Innovation)
Acad-27/2015 June World Day Against Child Labour-2015
Acad-26/2015 May World No Tobacco Day-2015 English |  Hindi |  Result
Acad-25/2015 May One day Sensitisation Workshop on Vocational Education
Acad-24/2015 May Introduction of Financial Market Management as a Vocational Course English  | Hindi
Acad-23/2015 May World Environment Day-2015 English  | Hindi
Acad-22/2015 May Constitution of School Inclusion Committee English  | Hindi
Acad-21/2015 May 19th Czech Music Camp for Youth English  | Hindi
Acad-20/2015 May Advisory on NCERT Books Piracy English  | Hindi
Acad-19/2015 May CBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest 2015  Hindi | English
Acad-18/2015 March Highlights of Curriculum Document 2015-16 for the examination to be held in March, 2016
Acad-17/2015 March Guidelines for prevention of Bullying and Ragging in Schools, Reg: (D.O. No. 12-19/2012-RMSA-I)  Hindi | English
Acad-16/2015 March National ICT awards for school teachers-2015  Hindi | English | Annexure-I
Acad-15/2015 February Verification of Evidence of Assessments (EAs) of Class IX/X students for Term-II of the Academic Session 2014-2015   Hindi  |   English
Acad-14/2015 February Conduct of Summative Assessment (SA-II) for classes IX and X for schools offering Vocational subject/s (compulsory or optional)   Hindi |   English
Acad-13/2015 February Celebrating Matribhasha Diwas (Mother Tongue Day) on 21st February 2015 Hindi  |   English
Acad-12/2015 February New Delhi World Book Fair- 2015    Hindi  |   English
Acad-11/2015 February Integrating Co-Scholastic Activities in Teaching at Upper Primary Level
Hindi   |   English
Acad-10/2015 January CBSE Schools Film Making Competition 2015 on ‘The Marvels Of North East India’    Hindi  |   Annexure I & II  |   English  |   Annexure I & II
Acad-09/2015 January Streamlining the process of selecting the training programmes and the empanelled agencies for various capacity building programmes
Hindi  |   English
Acad-08/2015 January Conduct of Optional Proficiency Test for class X students    Hindi  |   English
Acad-07/2015 January Essay Writing Competition from 21st to 28th January 2015 to celebrate the birthdays of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Lala Lajpat Rai
Hindi  |   English  |   Topics  |   Result
Acad-06/2015 January Conduct of Summative Assessment-II for Classes IX and X (Academic Session 2014-2015)    Hindi  |   English
Acad-05/2015 January Conduct of activities for popularization of Thirukkural's Messages and Expression Series on ‘Thiruvalluvar Today’ from 15th to 20th January, 2015  |   Themes  |   Result
Acad-04/2015 January CBSE Expression Series on Swami Vivekananda on 12th January, 2015
   Hindi  |   English  |   Topics  |   Result
Acad-03/2015 January Display board in Hindi and English languages for Tobacco Free Educational Institutions    Hindi  |   English  |   Annexure-1
Acad-02/2015 January Observance of 26th Road Safety Week from 11th to 17th January, 2015
Hindi  |   English

Acad-01/2015 January New Year Greetings 2015!    Hindi  |   English

Notifications- 2015

Notification No Month
23 October Ref. CBSE Heritage India Quiz-2015
22 September Notification for Collection of Online Students Feedback |  HINDI |  Online Submission  |  Online Submission(HINDI)
19-A September ASL Notification
21 September Drawing, Photography and Slogan Competitions by Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of Jharkhand
20 September International Day for the preservation of the Ozone Layer 2015
19 September ASL Notification
18 September INSPIRE AWARDS 2015
17 September National Centre for Financial Education (NCFE) - 'National Financial Literacy Assessment Test' (NFLAT) for the students of Classes VIII, IX and X
16 September Interaction of Hon'ble Prime Minister of India with School Children on September 4th, 2015
15 August National Level Painting & Essay Writing Competitions 2015 on Petroleum & Oil Conservation
14 August Academic Calendar 2015-16
13 August Financial Education Training Program (FETP) for CBSE school teachers  |  Annexure-A  |  Annexure-B
12 August Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
11 July English: Feedback Regarding Prescribed Novels & OTBA
10 June Creation of a Cadre of Master Trainers/Trainers
09 May CBSE-TERI 'GREEN Olympiad' - 2015    Registration Form
08 February Uploading of ASL-SA-II/ Final Exam 2014-15
07 February Uploading of three ASL Videos with Rationale as Samples and Requisition from CBSE affiliated Schools to Upload One ASL video on CBSE Channel @YouTube
06 February Selection of Cadre of CBSE Certified Peer Assessors for School Quality Assessment and Accreditation
05 January Last date of submission of ASL for SA II data IX, X & final examination in class XI [2014-2015]    Hindi  |   English
04 January Inviting articles for CENBOSEC (Vol. 54 No. 1: Jan-March 2015)
Hindi  |   English
  | Annexure: A
03 January Extension of date for uploading the report of Road Safety Week
Hindi  |   English
02 January CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad- 2014 Result    Hindi  |   English
01 January Telecast of 14th All India Heritage Quiz    Hindi  |   English

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