Circulars- 2016

Circular No. Month
Acad-32/2016 August The Question Paper Design in the Subject of Mathematics (Class XII) for the Board Examination 2017  |  SQP
Acad-31/2016 August CBSE Expression Series on Celebrating Our Independence Day
Acad-30/2016 August CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad, 2016  |  Brochure
Acad-29/2016 July World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2016  |  Brochure |  General Rules 2016
Acad-28/2016 July National Conference on Examination Reforms for Inclusive Education on 23rd and 24th August, 2016  |  Registration Form
Acad-27/2016 July CBSE Expression Series on Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Acad-26/2016 July CBSE Heritage India Quiz - 2016  | 
Acad-25/2016 July Bridges For Exploration  |  Circular  |  Book
Acad-24/2016 July Avishkar Quiz 2016  |  Guidelines
Acad-23/2016 July IGNITE 2016 Competition
Acad-22/2016 June CBSE Expression Series on Sh. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (Chatterjee) |  English |  Hindi
Acad-21/2016 June National ICT Award for School Teachers - 2016 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-20/2016 June CBSE-WWF-India Wild Wisdom Quiz |  English |  Hindi
Acad-19/2016 June World Day Against Child Labour -2016 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-18/2016 May Let's Celebrate Nature 2016 |  English |  Hindi  |  Online Submission
Acad-17/2016 May Celebration of 2nd International Day of Yoga, 2016 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-16/2016 May World Astronomy Day, 2016 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-15/2016 May Mapping of Guidance and Counseling Services in CBSE Affiliated Schools |  English |  Hindi  |  Online Submission Of Questionnaire
Acad-14/2016 April World No Tobacco Day- 2016  |  English |  Hindi |  Online submission
Acad-13/2016 April Use of NCERT/CBSE Textbooks |  English |  Hindi
Acad-12/2016 April CBSE Expression Series on Dr. B.R.Ambedkar  |  English |  Hindi
Acad-11/2016 April Training of Teachers on Managing Online Lab Resources |  English |  Hindi
Acad-10/2016 April CBSE CRYPTIC CROSSWORD CONTEST 2016 [CCCC-2016]  |  English |  Hindi
Acad-09/2016 March CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competitions 2016-17 |  Circular English |  Circular Hindi |  Annexure-I
Circular ::  English |  Hindi | Guidelines ::  English |  Hindi
Online Submission
Acad-07/2016 March Verification of Evidences of Assessment (EoA) of Class IX/X students for Term-II of the Academic Session 2015-2016  | English  |  Hindi
Acad-06/2016 February Instructions/Exemptions being extended to Differently Abled candidates for Class X and XII Examination  | English  |  Hindi
Acad-05/2016 January Summative Assessment-II (School based) for Classes IX and X (Academic Session 2015-2016) |  English  |  Hindi
Acad-04/2016 January Expression Series on Mere Sapno ka Bharat (India of My Dreams) |  English  |  Hindi
Acad-03/2016 January Observance of Road Safety Week |  English  |  Hindi
Acad-02/2016 January Promotion of Healthy Snacks in Schools |  English  |  Hindi
Acad-01/2016 January CBSE Expression Series on Swami Vivekananda |  English  |  Hindi

Notifications- 2016

Notification No Month
17 August Independence Fortnight Celebration |  English |  Hindi
16 August Conduct of SA-I in Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (2016-17)
15 August Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan-A National Talent Search Examination
14 July Extension of window period to register and upload reports for Avishkar Quiz
13 July Notification:New Publications-CBSE e-Resource Books
12 July Notification:Inviting Articles For CENBOSEC
11 June NOTIFICATION: ATAL TINKERING LABORATORIES IN SCHOOLS |  The last date of submission of online application for Atal Tinkering Laboratories is extended to 17th July, 2016.
10 May THE CBSE-TERI GREEN OLYMPIAD-2016 |  Annexure A
09 May Risks involved in playing with firecrackers
08 April The Beauty of Diversity- Release of Heritage Quiz Book :  Notification |  Heritage Quiz e-Book |  Feedback Form
07 April The Burden of Learning- Heavy Bags !
06 March Result of The 15th CBSE All India Heritage Quiz, 2015
05 February A message from the Hon'ble Prime Minister's address to students:Mann Ki Baat English |  Hindi
04 February Uploading of ASL Marks for Session 2015-16 |  English |  Hindi
03 January MASS PLEDGE CAMPAIGN(A National Student Engagement Initiative for Swachh Bharat Mission) |  English |  Hindi
02 January Extension of Window Period to conduct ASL for Session 2015-16 |  English |  Hindi
01 January National Level CBSE Science Exhibition 2015 - 16 |  English |  Hindi

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