CBSE Class 12 National Cadet Corps Syllabus 2022-23 (PDF Download)

CBSE Class 12 National Cadet Corps Syllabus 2022-23


Max Marks – 70

Common Subjects

Unit-1 : National Integration and Awareness

Aim: To inculcate sense of patriotism, secular values and motivate cadets to contribute towards nation building through national unity and social cohesion

Scope: The concepts of national interests, objectives and integration, unity in diversity and cultural heritage of India

·        National Interests, Objectives, Threats ad Opportunities

·        Problems/ Challenges of National Integration

Unit-2 : Drill

Aim: To inculcate a sense of discipline, improve bearing, smartness, ant turnout and to develop the quality of immediate and implicit obedience of orders

Scope: All important basic aspects of drill including ceremonial drill, drill with arms and words of command

Drill with Arms

·        Getting on parade with rifle and dressing at the order

·        Dismissing and falling out

·        Gun salute, Salami Shastra

·        Squad drill

·        Short/long trail from the order and vice-versa

·        Examine arms


Ceremonial Drill

·        Guard Mounting

Unit-3 : Weapon Training

Aim: To give elementary knowledge about rifles Scope: Basic knowledge about rifle and firing

·        The lying position, holding and aiming

·        Trigger operation and firing a shot

·        Range precautions and safety precautions

·        Theory of group and snap shooting

Unit-4 : Personality Development and Leadership

Aim: To develop an all-round dynamic personality with adequate leadership traits to deal/ contribute effectively in all walks of life

Scope: Basic subjects of leadership with emphasis on self-awareness, life/soft skills, time management and character building

·        Self-Awareness-know yourself/ insight

·        Inter personal relationship and communication

·        Communication skills: group discussions/ lectures

·        Time management

·        Interview Skills

·        Sociability: Social Skills

Unit-5 : Disaster Management

Aim: To train Cadets to assist Civil administration in performance of selective duties during disasters

Scope: Basic information about civil defense organization and its duties, maintenance of essential services and providing assistance to civil administration in various types of emergencies during national disasters

·        Fire Service and Fire Fighting

·        Assistance during natural/ other calamities: Flood/ cyclone/ earthquake/ accident etc.


Unit-6 : Social Awareness Community Development

Aim: To teach cadets the values and skills involved in providing voluntary Social Service

Scope: Understanding of social service and its needs, knowledge about the weaker sections of our society and their requirements, about NGOs and contribution of youth towards social welfare

·        NGOs – Role and contribution

·        Drug abuse and trafficking

·        Corruption

·        Social evils viz. dowry/ female feticide/ child abuse and trafficking etc.

Unit-7: Health and Hygiene

Aim: To instill respect and responsibility towards personal health and hygiene

Scope: Basic information about maintenance of health and hygiene, sanitation, disease and an elementary knowledge of First Aid and Nursing

·        Hygiene and sanitation (Personal and Food Hygiene)

·        Basics of first aid in common medical emergencies

·        Wounds and fractures

Unit-8 : Adventure Training and Obstacle Training

Aim: To inculcate a sense of adventure and develop confidence, courage and determination Scope: To expose cadets to various adventure activities

·        Para sailing

Unit-9 : Environment Awareness and Conservation

Aim: To sensitize the cadets on natural resource conservation and protection of environment Scope: Basic understanding of environment in general and waste management in particular, energy conservation, pollution control and wildlife conservation in particular

·        Waste management

·        Pollution control water, air, noise, soil


Specialized Subject (Army)

Unit-1 :Armed Forces Aim:ToacquaintcadetswiththeArmedForces Scope:IntroductoryandgeneralinformationabouttheArmedForces

·        Modesofentryintoarmy

·        Honours and awards

Unit-2 : Map Reading

Aim: To teach cadets elementary map reading

Scope: Basic understanding of map sheets and map reading instruments and development of capability to use them to carry out simple map reading

·     Cardinal points and types of North

·     Types of bearings and use of service protractor

·     Setting a map, finding North and own position

Unit-3 : Field Craft and Battle Craft

Aim: To teach cadets elementary field craft and battle craft Scope: Basic field craft and battle craft

·        Judging distance observation, camouflage and concealment

·     Field signals

Unit-4 : Introduction to Infantry Weapons and Equipment

Aim: To introduce cadets to infantry weapon

Scope: Introduction to characteristics and capabilities of infantry weapons

·        Characteristics of 5.56 INSAS rifle, ammunition, firepower, stripping, assembling and cleaning

·        Organization of infantry battalion


Unit-5 : Military History

Aim: To provide knowledge of renowned Military Generals, PVCs and Indo-Pak Wars Scope: Introduction to biographies, famous Indian battles and gallantry awards

·        Indian Army War Heroes

·        Study of Indo Pak wars of 1965, 1971 and Kargil

Unit-6 : Communication

Aim: To introduce cadets to latest trends in the field of communications Scope: Types of communications and future trends

·        Characteristics of walkie–talkie


 Specialized Subject (Navy)

Unit-1 : Naval Orientation and Service Subjects

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about Navy

Scope: Basic knowledge, history, current organization and role of different branches

·        Organization of Ships and on board organization

·        Naval customs and traditions

·        Modes of entry into the Indian Navy

Unit-2 : Naval War fare and its Components

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about Naval Warfare

Scope: Overview of fleet operations to include aviation, submarine operations and missiles

·        Introduction to anti-submarine warfare

Unit-3 : Naval Communication

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about Naval communication

Scope: To impart basic knowledge about naval communication organization, semaphore and wearing of flags

·        Introduction to Semaphore

·        Phonetic Alphabets

Unit-4 : Navigation

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about navigation

Scope: Basic navigation tactics and methods and equipment used for navigation

·        Navigation of ships–basic requirements

·        Types of compass–gyro and magnetic, types of North

·        Simple chart work

·        Brief characteristics of its tides and its effects on ships

Unit-5 : Seamanship

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about navigation Scope: Basic navigation tactics and methods

·        Types of anchor, purpose and holding ground

Unit-6 : Boat Work

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about boats and its parts and steering of boats Scope: Introduction to boats and its parts including steering of boats and boat pulling

·        Demonstrate rigging of a whaler and enterprise boat and parts of a sail

·        Instructions in enterprise class boat including elementary sailing rules

Unit-7 : Fire Fighting, flooding and damage control

Aim: Introduction to fire-fighting, flooding and damage control

Scope: Impart basic knowledge about fire-fighting, flooding and damage control of a ship

·        Causes of damage, flooding and damage control


Unit-8 : Ship and boat modeling

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about ship modeling to cadets

Scope: To impart basic knowledge about ship construction and boat modeling.

·        Types of models

·        Ship model competition

·        Care and handling of power tools


Specialized Subject (Air Force)

Unit-1 : General Service Knowledge Aim: To impart basic knowledge of IAF Scope: Organization of IAF

·        Organization of Air Force

·        Branches of Air Force

Unit-2 : Air Campaigns

Aim: To introduce Air Campaigns of Air Force Scope: An overview of important campaigns

·        Indo Pak War 1971

·        OP SafedSagar

Unit-3 :Aircraft Recognition

Aim: To introduce various aircrafts of the Air Force Scope: Types, roles, variants of aircraft of the IAF

·        Fighters

·        Transports

·        Helicopters

Unit-4 : Principles of Flight

Aim: To introduce principles of flight

Scope: To impart knowledge about basic principles on which aviation is based

·        Bernauli’s theorem and Venturi Effect

·        Aerofoil

·        Forces on an aircraft

Unit-5 : Airmanship

Aim: To introduce the concept of airmanship

Scope: ATC Procedures and basics of aviation medicine

·        ATC/RT Procedure

·        Aviation Medicine

Unit-6 : Navigation

Aim: To give basic knowledge of Air navigation Scope: Fundamentals of map reading from the air

·        Requirement of navigation

·        Glossary of terms

Unit-7 : Meteorology

Aim: To emphasize the need for knowledge of meteorology in aviation. Scope: Importance, various phenomena of weather and its effects on aviation

·        Importance of met in aviation

Unit-8: Aero engines

Whole Unit deleted


Unit-9 : Air frames

Whole Unit deleted

Unit-10 : Instruments

Aim: To provide knowledge of aircraft instruments Scope: Introduction to Radars

Unit-11 : Aero-modeling

Aim: To provide knowledge about aero modeling Scope: Materials used in different types of models. Building /Flying of aero-models


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