NCERT Solutions for class 10th Social Science Chapter 25 Challenges to Democracy

Intext Questions

On Page 103

Each of these cartoons represents a challenge to democracy. Please describe what that challenge is. Also place it in one of the three categories mentioned in the first section.

Answer :
(i) The cartoon described the challenge of deepening of democracy.
(ii) The cartoon described the foundation challenge.
(iii) The cartoon described the challenge of expansion.
(iv) The cartoon described the challenge of deepening of democracy.

On Page 104-105

Complete the following table with the challenge that democracy faces

On Page 106

Now that you have noted down all these challenges, let us group these together into some broad categories. Given bellow are some spheres or sites of democratic politics. You may place against each of these the specific challenges that you noted for one or more countries or cartoons in the previous section. In addition to that write one item for India for each of these spheres. In case you find that some challenges do not fit into any of the categories given below, you can create new categories and put some items under that.

On Page 107

1. Let us group these again, this time by the nature of the these challenges as per the classification suggested in the first section. For each of these categoires, find at least one example from India as well.

2. Now let us think only about India. Think of all the challenges that democracy faces in contemporary India. List those five that should be addressed first of all. The listing should be in order of priority i.e., the challenge you find most important or pressing should be mentioned at number 1, and so on. Give one example of that challenge and your reasons for assigning it the priority.

On Page 109

Here are some challenges that require political reforms. Discuss these challenges in detail study the reform options offered here and give your preferred solution with reasons. Remember that none of the options offered here is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. You can opt for a mix of more than one options, or come up with something that is not offered here. But you must give your solution in details and offer reasons for your choice.

Answer :

1. Doctors’ Absenteeism
(a) Private Practice by doctors.
(b) Low salaries of doctors working in rural areas.
Reform Proposals
(i) Doctors should be penalised if they are found indulging in private practice.
(ii) Doctors should be paid extra allowance per day for the number of days that they work in the villages.
Reasons The extra allowance will act as an incentive and the penalty for private practice will act as a disincentive.

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