Circulars : Training, Innovation and Research

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Acad-02/2013 January List of agencies identified by the Board for various Training Programmes

List of agencies empanelled
Acad-03/2013 January Teachers Training Programme on Geospatial Technology
Acad-04/2013 January Life-long Learning Based On Good Reading Habits

List of books recommended for the reading programme
Acad-05/2013 January Introduction of Vocational Courses under NVEQF (National Qualification Framework) at Level I (Class IX onwards) from Session 2013- 2014

Date Extended
Acad-06/2013 January Teachers’ Training Workshop for Teachers on Hospitality & Tourism based courses
Acad-07/2013 January Implementation of Skill Competency Based Vocational Courses in Schools at Senior Secondary Level for Academic Session 2013-14

a. List of Vocational Courses   |   b. Teacher’s Qualification   |   c. Scheme of Studies   |   d. Proforma for Affiliation   |   e. Affiliation fee details

Date Extended
Acad-10/2013 February Orientation programme on Transport Systems and Logistic Management

Registration Form

Reschedule of orientation programme on Transport Systems and Logistic Management
Acad-13/2013 February CBSE to offer I.C.T. teacher training (free) in collaboration with Oracle Academy
Acad-14/2013 February Teachers’ Training Workshop on Entrepreneurship Education
Acad-15/2013 February Roll out of Online Labs in CBSE affiliated schools across the country
Acad-16/2013 April Guidelines for Project Work in HISTORY for Classes XI and XII i.e. the academic session 2013-14 and for the Board Examination 2014 for Class XII

Guidelines for Project work in History, Classes XI and XII
Acad-17/2013 February Follow-up Action on Analysis of Evidences of Assessment
Acad-18/2013 February Verification of Evidence of Assessments (EAs) of Class IX/X students for Term II Academic Session 2012-2013
Acad-20/2013 February Question Paper for Summative Assessment-II for classes lX & X
Acad-21/2013 March Introduction of the academic elective "Human Rights and Gender Studies" at Senior Secondary level
Acad-22/2013 March CCE and FA Training Calendar for the year 2013 – 14

Training on CCE and FA Calendar for the year 2013-14   ||   Registration Form

NOTIFICATION:    CCE and FA Training Calendar for the year 2013 - 14 - reg.

NOTIFICATION - 2:    CCE and FA Training Calendar for the year 2013 – 14 – reg.
Acad-23/2013 April Introduction of ‘Legal Studies’ as a new elective for classes XI-XII from session 2013-14 Reg.

Addendum : Annexure-B
Acad-24/2013 April Functional English Course Classes XI & XII [Revised]

-  Language Skills Book - Functional English Class XI : Unit 1 and Unit 2
-  Literature Reader - Functional English Class XI : Unit 1 and Unit 2
Acad-25/2013 April Introduction of the optional academic elective 'National Cadet Corps (NCC)' at Senior Secondary level (Code Number 076) on 'Pilot' basis
Acad-26/2013 April Introduction of Theatre Studies (subject code 078) as a new course for classes XI-XII from session 2013-2014 Reg.
Acad-27/2013 April Guidelines For Assessment Of Speaking And Listening Skills For Classes Ix To Xi And Training Of Teachers

Introduction: Assessment Of Speaking And Listening Skills In English (ASL)

Nomination of Teachers for Training in Assessment of Speaking and Listening skills (ASL) 2013-14
Acad-30/2013 May "Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India” an Elective Course for Senior Secondary Classes

Indian Ethics: Individual and Social
Acad-31/2013 May Choice of Language under Computer Science Stream for grade XI and XII 2013 -15

   Annexure ‘A’
Acad-33/2013 May Corrigendum for Odia Curriculum (Code-113) for Class XII for Board Exam 2013-14- reg
May Discontinuation of the use of rare/endangered species of plants and animals in laboratories of schools
Acad-35/2013 May Conduct of Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for classes IX and XI for the academic session-2013-14
Acad-36/2013 May Conduct of Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for Winter Closing Schools for the academic session (2013-14)
Acad-38/2013 May Revised/new syllabus in Odia (013) for Class X for the academic year 2013-14/for the Board Examination 2014 – reg.
Acad-39/2013 May Introduction of Open Text-based Assessment in the Summative Assessment II of Class IX and in the Annual Examination of Class XI, March, 2014
Affiliation 12/2013 August Training programme for the Heads of Institutions of Effective School Management and Leadership
Affiliation 13/2013 August Addition/Amendment in the Examination bye-laws of the Board (21/8/2013)
Vocational August 3 days Teachers Training Workshop on Marketing & Salesmanship—reg.

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Annexure-I : Introduction of Competency based Vocational courses w.e.f-2013-14

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