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Why Accreditation?

A school’s possession of accredited status can be very assuring to all its stakeholders such as parents, students, general public, and staff. It is an indication to the community that the school offers quality education.

Benefits for Parents
Helps Parents to
  • express their concerns, feedback and individual point of view.
  • co-ordinate with the School Management, Principal, and teachers.
  • understand the different domains of school, syllabus patterns and decision making by the schools and the CBSE.
  • distinguish between ‘Quality Schools’ and ‘School Brands’.
  • appreciate school philosophy, vision, mission and quality statement.
  • know that the school meets the standards of excellence as recognized by the Board.
Benefits for Students
Helps Students to
  • express their concerns, feedback and individual view point.
  • seek better support from parents.
  • distinguish between ‘Quality Schools’ and ‘School Brands’.
  • understand their duties, responsibilities and expected services from different stakeholders.
  • shift from one accredited school to another easily.
Benefits for Teachers
Helps Teachers to
  • express their concerns, feedback and individual view point.
  • educate, orient, motivate and guide the students for better performance.
  • understand the quality attribute vis-a-vis school’s philosophy, vision, mission and quality statement.
  • benchmark their efforts by establishing ‘Best Practices’.
  • build up their self-esteem and instill in them a sense of pride.
  • grow professionally.
Benefits for Principals
Helps Principals to
  • identify individual contribution/influence on the growth curve of the school.
  • use innovative strategies based on user-needs.
  • evaluate the direction and growth levels of school in different tangible and non-tangible areas.
  • provide quality leadership in various domains.
  • understand school quality from third party perspective.
  • gain insight of different beneficiaries’ needs and about one’s own functioning.
  • be participative team-members in the larger quest of ‘Universalization of Education’.
  • better their performances.
Benefits for School Management
Helps School Management to
  • review various domains for ascertaining the school’s strengths and weaknesses through third party analysis.
  • be oriented towards quality in school education.
  • have more transparency and clarity of thought and action.
  • act as a catalyst to promote quality.
  • ignite the minds of the stakeholders resulting in further quest for excellence.
  • open newer vistas for moving towards “Quality blending” among different domains rather than emphasizing quality in individual domains.
  • make their schools “Model Institutions of School Education”.

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