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Readiness for Accreditation

Suggestions ÖÖ

  • Ensure Management Commitment.
  • Create an Accreditation Calendar with timelines.
  • Set up a core group which will ultimately be a part of SAC - School Accreditation Committee (Principal, Vice Principal, Head Mistress, Co-ordinators, Examination In charge, Activity In charge, Life Skills In charge, Counselors/ Special Educators, Admin In charge, Parents, Students, Alumni, and representative of Management.
  • Read and understand the SQAA Manual within the core group.
  • Map existing evidences in your school with the statements and evidences given in the SQAA Manual.
  • Do a gap analysis.
  • Plan qualitative and quantitative interventions wherever required.
  • Ensure that all evidences are in place- create templates and implement processes if evidences are missing.
  • Ensure that there are enough processes and evidences for monitoring, review, feedback and follow up, etc.
  • Organize and collect documents/evidences at one place and flag them.
  • The core group to do the first self-audit.

Request the agency to plan out the first visit.

Tips for School Leaders

  • Involve everyone in the SAC to do strategic planning.
  • Always keep agendas and minutes ready.
  • Study the areas needing improvement.
  • Ensure student voice.

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